Buybox not rotating


That isn’t all your metrics on your health dashboard in seller central is it?

ODR is Order Defect Rate.

Until you can show me ALL of the other sellers health dash boards from within their own seller central, you have no clue at proving the buy box isn’t working.

But the other sellers do have a higher feedback % then you so you are not equal to the other sellers.


ODR is 0% on my account, but I am all FBA


There is no requirement that the Buy Box rotate.

The criminal indictments for theft of Amazon algorithms has probably led to changes in the Buy Box algorithm. The likelihood is that the new algorithm may have changed goals as well as behavior. Amazon has too many sellers, far more than its sales justify.


This ASIN says I’m buybox eligible. Since you seem to know a lot about the buybox, can you tell me how I can tell before I buy a product from the wholesaler, and ship it in for FBA, that it will NEVER get the buybox so I don’t waste my time on those items?

Again, this isn’t a listing that Amazon is on and I have sold a lot of other products in the same category where there are many different sellers, including Amazon, with many different reviews/ratings. So if you have the answer to the mystical buybox algorithm, I would love to hear it so I can save my (and other sellers) money. I’m assuming many times my item is in a warehouse that’s closer to the buyer than the other sellers. But how am I supposed to know which warehouse my item will ultimately be shipped to prior to buying it and actually shipping it in?

You trying to shame me says more about your own insecurities versus my lack of knowledge on Amazon’s algorithms. Sellers are losing big profits due to the buybox not rotating and their use of repricers. I’m sure they would much rather share the buybox with someone 1% of the time versus having other sellers tank all of their profits. I could totally be wrong and I’m ok with that too. Bring on your shame!


I have absolutely no idea what you’re referring to here.

My point that lowering one’s prices to gain/regain the Buy Box can be an exercise in futility has nothing to do with “shame.” It’s simply a reminder that there can be pitfalls in doing that.

And my comment that this issue has not affected me personally certainly seems an innocuous enough statement.

I’m afraid you lost me.

I will let others answer your other questions.


I have thousands of ASINS and what I am finding is that some rotate fine, some rotate a bit and some very infrequently if at all. I am FBA with 100 percent rating and all my ODR metrics are excellent.

I think its some sort of glitch and of course half the time I can see I am clearly a beneficiary.

Nevertheless it does make stock buying that little bit harder so I hope the glitch doers get sorted

ps I dont think its linked to ODR or number of feedbacks based on my observations …its just a glitch that effects some ASINS. Stock levels is a possibility but not noticed any correlation with my stock which I try and keep under 2-3 months supply max generally.


Oh tried reducing price to get buybox on a few ASINS …did not help as major sellers all seem to have “match buybox price” settings on their automatic repricers.

As it benefits me half the time its not a huge issue but would be nice if could be resolved


Need not be enough to ever get the Buy Box. Amazon likes some sellers more than others, why they do is a secret and some of those who paid bribes to find out the secret are indicted. And the recipe for the secret sauce appears to have changed.

If you cannot sell the product without winning the Buy Box, you probably should not be selling the product.

My sales drop by about 20% if I lose BB eligibility due to way I select my merchandise. 20% ain’t peanuts but it is not enough to put my sales below my sales goals.

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