Buybox not rotating


Buybox not rotating


Lots of things have changed how they work since the virus.


Yea but this is a serious issue
Since July 1 buybox has stopped rotating
A lot of sellers are having this problem


Since they are dismissing certain metrics, this is what is messing things all up. It’s all in the metrics.


Well hopefully this will get fixed soon
Cause it’s making a mess


But until shipping services, including Amazon’s own delivery trucks, catch up with orders… and… the postal hubs start getting their packages delivered through all of these protests… and … Amazon starts unloading and shelving products taking over a month… it’s going to take awhile until this all settles down.


Yea that’s also a major issue
What bothers me the most about this buybox not rotating. Is every time I call in AmazonSeller support they don’t even know of this problem and they keep on answering that it’s the algorithm and there is nothing they can do About it

But that’s totally wrong cause that’s not the issue here
The issue is that it’s just not rotating the same way it has been rotating for the past few years
Since July 1 it stopped rotating its just sticks to 1 seller

Lots of sellers are losing 90 percent of their sales because of this glitch!!!


I have the same problem. Mine buy box dropped to zero since July 1ist. The problem is it seems Amazon don’t care. Their SS keep saying everything is alright while things are clearly not alright for some sellers.


You are late to the party

I do not–and I am certain that Amazon does not either–see it as a glitch. Amazon creates chaos and uncertainty on purpose, to keep 3P sellers freaking out so that they make mistakes like substantially dropping their price to try to win the buy box back.


Does this have the same affect on Amazon.Ca?


Buybox not rotating has already cause huge issue for Inventory Performance Index. I matched my price to lowest FBA price. However there is almost 0 sales. Amazon certainly need to fix this, here is the email I received from Fulfillment by Amazon.

Hello from Fulfillment by Amazon,

We noticed that you could incur a US inventory storage overage fee of $10 per cubic foot for the period between August 16 and August 31. That’s because your current storage usage exceeds one or more of your storage limits.

If your storage usage is not reduced below your storage volume limits, your overage fee for the period between August 16 and August 31 is estimated to be:


This estimated overage fee does not include any overage fee that you may have been assessed for the period from August 1 through August 15.

Visit FBA Inventory Age now and focus on your oldest inventory first. Compare the costs of reducing this inventory to the costs of taking no action.

We’re here to help.
Inventory Age provides personalized recommendations for you based on the costs of holding aging inventory. By reducing this inventory, you can avoid potential overage fees and improve your Inventory Performance Index score.

Thank you.

The Fulfillment by Amazon team


Yes Imhave noticed this as well what is the best work around

Cut price so win it …


Can you give us an update as to what happened? This is so unfair it’s unreal. If we can’t get the BB out of the blue because they change the algorithm we can’t sell and the storage fees and crap scores insult to injury! I’ve been in business a very long time and can’t imagine any other scenario where your “partner” changes the playbook without notice or acknowledgment of new game rules. We are so screwed and helpless. It is criminal ethically and seems like there should be recourse legally.


I’m sorry if I’m tanking the price on one of my listings but I’m an fba seller who matched the buybox a month ago on a new item that I only purchased a few of to test the waters. I can tell the item is selling at least 5 per day but not once has the buybox rotated to me. (As a test I have been keeping track of the total inventory each fba seller has every day) The sales always go to the one fba seller with the highest amount of inventory and customer reviews. I’m not sure why this is fair but I guess life isn’t fair.

I decided to cut my losses by lowering my price to try and sell out of my item and never sell it again. I don’t want to pay storage fees on an item that just isn’t profitable so I thought I would get rid of it. Three times I lowered the price more than 2% and each time the other seller’s repricers keep matching my new lower price. That means every day the other seller sells 5 more of their item at a much lower profit. I would think they would be happier letting me sell out of my few items so they can go back to their regular more profitable price but I guess I was wrong.


Hi everyone,
Do you really think this will be “fixed”? I am looking at my inventory there’s around 50 sku’s that match buy box price and 0% of the times we are the featured offer. I did notice that sellers with most feedback (no matter what % positive) are getting the bb 90% of the time or even more.
I really don’t know what to do, my business will disappear if this keeps going on.


BTH I am looking at an ASIN right now where I have the lowest price, the most amount of inventory and no featured offer. All other seller have higher prices, 2cents higher, guess it doesn’t matter.


Show me the other sellers metrics dashboards and ODR’s.


And that’s why that strategy (usually) doesn’t work.

Plus, does it really need to be stated - again - that “price” is not the only factor in Buy Box determination?

Anyway, I sell in the Book Category, and I have not noticed this “non-rotation” that so many sellers seem to be experiencing. My listings have been coming and going as usual in the Buy Box.


I have 97% 1012 feedbak
the other sellers have 98% (25,617); 98% (12,292); and 98% (197,284)

sorry buy, what is ODR?


A metric Amazon uses to rate sellers. Check your Account Health page under the performance tab.

The feedback ratio is unused by Amazon because it does not reflect seller performance.