Buy Shipping Rates Doubled today?


Anyone else experiencing ship rates that are about twice as much as normal in the Buy Shipping program since yesterday? Impacts both UPS and USPS.


No. prices are the same with me
you are probably doing ‘something’ wrong


Any suggestions? I have checked that the weights and measurements are the same. Every label I try to create is double what it should be, when I compare it to my other shipping program. A $12 shipment is now $25. Not making sense.


just printed few labels. Everything is same as usual


As an example, a 1.7 pound package measuring 10 x 10 x 2 shipping from MD to CA costs $22.50?? It should be $12


Is everyone’s UPS rates the same in Buy Shipping, or is it determined by your account?


I am using buy shipping.


What service level is being offered. In other words, if you normally shipped ground at $12 is it now pushing 3-day @$22?


No…it was not 3-day. It was regular ground. I have tried multiple different orders, and every time the rate is doubled. I compared AMZ Buy Shipping Rates to UPS and they are truly doubled. I ship over 100 packages a day, and I know my products. I’m stumped why all of a sudden, my rates are doubled on AMZ Buy Shipping, but I can ship them on UPS’s website for half the price (the discount rate).


Do you have your UPS account linked to your Amazon account or are you just using Amazons rates?

If you have a linked account there could be a problem with the link, which would explain why you are having issues others don’t seem to be able to duplicate.

If you do have a linked account I would check and see if its still set up correctly.


I do not have my UPS account linked to AMZ. I use AMZ Buy Shipping and AMZ deducts the shipping amount from my AMZ account balance.


I can give you another example. I printed a label yesterday for an item that cost $12.75 to ship via UPS in AMZ’s Buy Shipping.

I have another order today for the same exact item going to the same State, and the UPS shipping cost doubled to $25.76 using AMZ Buy Shipping


Interesting, my only other thoughts would be either try linking your UPS account which should fix it once it links. Try a different browser incase its something with cookies being stuck. Or hopefully it will correct itself after a bit, we have had it show us the wrong rate before for FedEx One Rate and it went back to normal in about 15 minutes.

However, being that the thred is already over an hour old, I would have expected it to correct itself by now.

On another note though, if you have large volume you might want to talk to UPS anyways, they will most likely give you a better rate then Amazon offers through Buy Shipping. Our FedEx rate is better then Amazons UPS rate and we only ship about 10-20 a day.

Down sides are then you have to pay for it via a credit card or bank account instead of paying for it out of your balance.

Plus side is claims are way easier to deal with since its not “Amazons Account” and they never want to talk to you.


Thank you for the suggestions. I have thought about linking my UPS account, but thought it was just as easy to have my AMZ 1099 show my shipping costs.

Yes…this is very weird considering my rates were fine yesterday, and today doubled. This only impacts UPS, and USPS rates have been correct on AMZ Buy Shipping.

And you are correct about claims when using AMZ Buy Shipping. UPS will not allow me to open any claims because they state that AMZ is the owner of the label. When I ask AMZ to file the claim, they say I own the label. Very annoying, and I have to take a loss.

On a final note, I would have thought had this issue been site-wide, more FBM sellers would have chimed in. I can’t believe I’m the only seller noticing doubled rates. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s just a glitch and will correct soon.


…and I cleared cookies/cache, and tried a different browser. No change.


I checked a few of our pending orders and UPS rates seem about normal, they are within a few $ of or FedEx rate which averages about 25-30% cheaper for ground vs Amazons UPS rates they offer us.

Between claims issues and cheaper rates we decided it was worth it to link our account. We sell on multiple venues already, so dealing with the shipping cost outside of the Amazon 1099 wasn’t much of a concern to us.

We don’t do a lot of ground shipping, we were mostly after 2 day express which is how we ended up with FedEx. Primarily we are shipping via their 2-day one rate program. With the low volume of ground, we do they haven’t been a problem even with ground for us and the savings makes up for it (we never trust FedEx Ground for a prime order though unless its staying in the city).

If you have a lot of packages going out every day via UPS I would recommend talking to them about a negotiated rate. You will likely find the savings you get is more than enough to pay an accountant to take care of the extra paperwork :slight_smile:


I’m seeing the same today. I ship a lot of 2 day UPS ground, typical cost is $8. Rates are coming through at $13 today. Think I will hold off buying any more labels today to see if things change.


Thank you for confirming that I’m not the only one. I thought I was being punished. :grinning:


Fixed for me now.


House_to_Home_Design - Please let us know if the rates you are seeing now are closer to what you’re expecting.