Buy Box Percentage Decreasing


Our Buy Box Rates are decreasing.
Our Account Health is in good standing, Inventory IPI is 663, and most of the items are lowest in same fulfillment method. We have lifetime feedback of 7,207 with 99% positive feedbacks, 12 months 3,349 Feedback with 98% positive, 90 days with 98% positive feedbacks with 98% and 30 days with 259 feedbacks with 100% positive.

When our Buy Box Percentage started to decrease about 2 months ago, I thought sellers with better metrics are taking our buy box percentage, which is logical. But now we notice some of the sellers who have less feedbacks and worse feedback ratings are our winning buy box.

Some of the products have MAP Pricing Policies and our buy box percentage has decreased tremendously. Is there anyone I can reach out to ask for help in this type of issues?

Thank you in advance for help.


Meaningless data. Sellers are not rated by those numbers.

Someone with lower numbers and more volume would be a better seller than you are by Amazon’s methods which are calculated based on order volume.

Anachronistic trash numbers.



Amazon does not care about MAP pricing. Have you looked to see if others are breaking MAP? If so, you found the issue. Not a thing you could do about it except complain to the brand/supplier.


Thanks for your comment.


Thank you, I thought this was the system glitch. I really hope Amazon fix this issue very soon.