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Hi All,

We have to get orders from Amazon with “Buyer PO#” field. I didn’t field this field in APIs listed in documentation.

Please recommend from which API/Property we can fetch this field.


I suspect that this question would probably get more traction over in the dedicated MWS Fora, but this late 2018 announcement from one of the Forum Mods over there might be of some help:


Nice catch @Dogtamer !

Please note that buyer name is subject to any PII restrictions on your MWS credentials, and may not be available after the order has been shipped.


I came within a hair’s breadth of tagging you, our friend @Oneida, or one of the other members of our Seller Community whom I believe to be MWS API Experts, but I only have explicit permission from Oneida for sending that type of heads-up, and I strongly suspect that @Rick_MWS’ above-linked announcement post is likely to be the best that our friend @Franklin_Creative_So can do to address her/his system’s needs.

FWIW, I do agree with what our friend @hydrohead observed in that thread: it seems to me tpo be a rather kludgy approach to require fetching a P.O. # in such a roundabout fashion…


Thanks for the implicit compliment, but maybe the word expert is too strong a description for my ability to consistently survive my MWS ambitions.

Please feel free to tag me anytime you believe it would help. I do tend to get a little bummed out at the forums from time to time, so Rob is probably a more reliable (and more diplomatic) go to.

My opinion is that the change was more elegant than most MWS ‘fixes’, in that it was an immediate requirement (to display the PO data) but didn’t break or change the vast majority of implementations that were trying to play by the rules. You could easily make the argument that both opinions could be fundamentally correct at the same time.

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