BrowseNodeLookup using MWS access only


Hey all,

We are confused…

Now that we have the MWS access we are able to perform the requests well (
If found that we also need to browse nodes for a feature that we want to add,
We didn’t find a way to perform it through here
So when we looked for such API request we found this Product Advertise API page:
But in this case the API requests also an “Associate Tag”.

So do I really need Associate Tag or there is a way to browse node through this API

Is there any alternative way to perform some kind of node lookup using the MWS access (without the associated tag)?

Many thanks!


I don’t really understand your question or issue. is a link to scratchpad which has all the functionalities provided by MWS. It would be more helpful if you could provide the API Section and Operation you are trying to do.


Sorry, allow me to explain,
I am looking for an API operation in the MWS API that will return a list of products for specific Search Term.



bunga bunga!