Brand Registry Questions


Hi Everyone,

Im a new seller. Please help me out here. Im planning on doing a brand registry under my trademarked brand name A. But manufacture name B is on the product and the packaging. Is there a way i can registry my brand name A and sell Product with name B?


May not pass photo review, but the key is, to register for brand registry


Brand name should match the name on the product. A lot of sellers change their packaging to accomplish this. Make sure the manufacturer doesn’t mind if you go down that slope.


What you wish to do is contrary to why the Brand Registry was created.

You will not survive here if you try to go down this path.


Thank you for your reply. That totally make sense.


Thank you for your reply Lake,

Can you please give me a little more idea about not survive or suggestions?

Thank you :blush:


I mean having your account deactivated, forever banned.

When you deliberately violate the intent of the policy, that eventually is the result.


Got it.

That means only two options left
Register under manufacture name with their approval
Have the manufacture change the brand name and packaging

Correct me if im wrong

Thank you for your help


You can’t register a brand you don’t own.