Brand Registry Exemption


I have a new listing that is not being trademarked, so my understanding is that I then need to apply for an exemption? Where can I find the information to complete this step? THANKS.


Go to Help on your Seller Central Page.
Key in: GTIN and what your product is.

Though, I don’t know that this will help you.
Are you attempting to list a generic product that has no brand name, and no trademark?
Are you attempting to list a branded item that may be currently gated, or that you will need approval for?
Are you attempting to sell an item without a UPC code? Have your purchased a code from GS1?
Do you have a manufacturer’s invoice, and permission to sell these products? From Whom?

There are a lot of variables here that trying to obtain an exemption for, is not the correct way to proceed.

Please post what you are selling.


Remember, you are going to have to prove to Amazon that your brand really exists in the world. If you are planning to use Amazon start a brand, it will be a long up hill battle. Make sure you have the documentation, registered UPC’s, Certificates of Compliance, photos of the actual product packaging, etc., before you start. :train2:


I am selling burlap wine bags that are hand silk screened with designs/sayings. I purchased my UPS/GSIN’s from GS1. Am I then listing a generic product since it is my own? Thanks.


Sounds as if this qualifies for Amazon Handmade. You need approval for your shop, I assume “hand silk screened” is something you are doing in house. You do not need UPC’s or further approval once you are in handmade. Though they do audits from time to time.

The advantage is your catalog page will be locked to you. Others will not be able to change it or take it over.

In today’s amazon world you run that risk on the commercial side if you are not brand registered. If you list as generic, expect to lose control to a bad guy at some point.


I am selling burlap wine bags that are hand silk screened with designs/sayings. I purchased the bags through another vendor on Amazon (they aren’t the manufacturer either-I’m certain the bags are from China). The designs are my own. If I am the brand, then who is the manufacturer? I have registered UPC’s, photos, etc.


You are the manufacturer. The parts you purchased (the bags) are incorporated (along with the ink) into make the final product. Manufactured and packaged at your business address, city, state, country. You should get everything necessary to fit on a 30 to a page return address label which you could place on the packager product. Another accepted method is to design a label using the Avery 30 or 10 to a page format and print parchment card stock. That way, you can use 2 sides of the card stock providing a lot more information, and attach with a string. :train2: