Brand Registry: Creating ASINs


We’ve been approved for the Brand Registry program and want to start creating product listings. We are using the MPN as the unique identifier. My question is: how do we create the ASIN? Do we just make something up? Do we use the MPN for that too? Or does Amazon assign something? Thanks for your help.

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An ASIN number is like a page number. Amazon will assign an ASIN for each page.


I understand what an ASIN is. My question is how are they created? Does Amazon automatically generate them, or do I need to create them somehow. If I need to create them myself, what is the best practice for doing so??? Thanks for your help.


Your manufacturer part number is whatever you need it to be to distinguish that product uniquely from all others on amazon. Consider it your in-house UPC. Amazon generates an ASIN after you create the product.

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Amazon assigns it …

They will also give your product a GCID as a Product Id if everything is done correctly. You’ll see this in an Inventory Report.

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