Brand registered owner not able to have correct images shown


The issue: Incorrect images being displayed on catalog pages for two of our products
Steps Taken: We are verified as owning the brand registry. We have uploaded the correct images on our item setup page. Opened multiple cases with Brand Registry Department. Showed them screenshots of the incorrect images along with the correct ones that we have uploaded.
Where we are: Every time the answer is, upload your pictures and maybe they will be corrected. We are also the manufacturer, so our images quite frankly are the correct ones.

What next?


Amazon’s image server is very slow.
Try editing them and wait to see if they show up correct tomorrow.

If not — keep re-opening your case for correction.


The correct ones have been loaded for a very, very long time. My mistake as not checking them often, but with the slowdown it has been a good time to check up on things. That is when we discovered that there was an issue.


Since this got moved, anyone else have any help?


Bump and maybe @SEAmod @Ale_Amazon @May_Amazon a little help please?


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@SEAmod @Ale_Amazon @May_Amazon @Karen_Amazon @Erin_Amazon @Edward_Amazon

I have contacted Brand Registry multiple times. Same canned response each time. I have had the correct images loaded forever. We are the Brand Registered owner and the manufacturer of the items in question. They are flat out the wrong pictures, they violate Amazon policy and they are not representative of the product. Why even have Brand Registry if the owner/manufacturer has no power to make sure that their items are represented correctly? It’s a joke. I am so tired of fighting Amazon for something that is a cut and dry solution. I really do not want to have to send an e-mail to Jeff@, but I a, also not sure what else to do at this point. And I am not the only one with this issue, there are multiple threads from people that cannot get things corrected.


Did you have any luck getting the images updated. We are having the same issue and I am at a total loss as to what to do. I don’t think Seller Support even reads my emails. They simply send a canned response back.


A forum moderator stepped in and got my issue taken care of. Let me send you a Direct Message with one other option a couple of other people have said works.