Brand owners: Improved Brand Analytics reporting


We are updating our Brand Analytics tool to improve the accuracy and convenience of our reporting. Effective August 2022, our Consumer Behavior dashboard will move to an improved Brand Analytics experience alongside the Search Analytics dashboard.

After the update, the dashboards will be grouped under:

  • Search Analytics
  • Consumer Behavior

The new Brand Analytics page offers:

  • Updated user interface: You can easily navigate between Search and Consumer behavior analytics.
  • Column Picker: You can re-order or hide dashboard metrics.
  • Metric Glossary: You can access our new metric glossary in the dashboard columns to better understand your data.
  • Deep Linking: You can link to specific dashboard views within each dashboard.

Updated versions of our existing analytics dashboards will be released shortly, starting with the Repeat Purchase Behavior dashboard. Some dashboards may redirect you to the old experience until the updated versions are available.

To find out more, go to Brand Analytics.

Note: If you cannot access the Amazon Brand Analytics tool due to a permission error, we recommend that you contact your primary account administrator.