Brand of product in the title but not in the actual product


I found a product that I want to sell. The product comes from China. There is a seller in Amazon that has the same product. I purchase a product from him to make sure that it was the same product that I have. The products are exactly the same product and package. The problem is that in his Item title he says that the product is branded. But there is no brand in the actual product that he is selling or in the package. My main question is: Can I list my item under his and share the sales that he is getting?

Thank you in advanced


What is the ASIN?
I want to look at the photos, and other keyed entries.


You can trust me when I tell you that the only place where they have the brand is in the title of the product and the description. Is like the bought it from the same supplier that i did and just made up a brand and put it in the title and description. I am 100%sure that we have the same product and and that is not branded. As I said before. I bought one from him just to make sure 100%.
Now if just by putting a brand in the title is enough to call it a brand then I can easily do the same and launch my product that way too, so nobody gets under me.


The seller probably is Amazon Brand Registered.
In this case, you cannot sell under his ASIN.
You will have to Add a Product.
Have you been approved to sell this product? Have you been Amazon Brand Registered?
You have to go through this to sell your own brand. You just can’t put a name on it.
You will have to get your own UPC codes – many things.
You need to take the time to make sure that you, and your products will not be deactivated. Just because someone else is selling the exact same generic product that you are, does not mean that you can sell it too - without approvals.


You posted an excellent question.
It would be GREAT if we could get some Amazon employees to give us an answer to your question.
Here are some things you could do.
@papyrophilia @Rushdie and @Oneida_Books seem to me to be the keepers of Amazon e-mail addresses. I think there is an e-mail address, maybe it starts with pq-(?), you could write to that Amazon e-mail address and ask.

What I have been promoting and so far and Amazon has not implemented is, Amazon provides a forum on the bottom of each help topic. It would work this way, you read the help topic and it does not answers your question, when you get to the bottom of the web page for the Help Topic there is a space to “Ask us a question.”

You write in your question and an Amazon business employee answers your question, Not a contract employee but an actual Amazon employee out of HQ answers your question. It would be like a limited forum on the bottom of each Help Topic page.

Once a question has been asked and answered by Amazon when another seller ask the same question the second sellers question gets deleted. In other words every question gets answered once, but not every seller gets their question answered if Amazon has answered the question previously.

Should Amazon implement this feature on Help Topics it would be a help to the Amazon business as they would for the first time see right in the help topic where their help topic is not written clearly. Amazon would see because of the questions they are getting that the help topic is not written completely enough to answer sellers questions.

Pointing sellers to the Amazon Forum is inefficient for Sellers as this forum has various levels of other sellers knowledge and ability. What we sellers actually want is an answer to our question directly from Amazon, directly on Amazon’s Help webpage.

You have asked a really great question and hopefully if I tag a couple of mods they will come and answer your question for all of us.
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Hi @FirewallsMiami

Unfortunately, no you cannot. Even though that one test buy suggested that there was no difference in your product, the fact is that the UPC (or the exemption) associated with that ASIN is associated with that brand, and that Seller could bring all the “receipts” to demonstrate that you are violating the ASIN via NAD (item “not as described”).

That Seller is (foolishly) not using best practices to protect their listing, and you would be held accountable for listing against a branded ASIN that you don’t have. Two wrongs…

You need your own GTIN or exemption for your product, and you need to create a separate ASIN, even though–yes–I have no doubt that it’s the exact same item from the same manufacturer.


with his listing not using brands correctly, not listing there will avoid problems to come