Brand Health - Competitive Price - Buy Box Issues


The Competitive Price feature in Brand Health which controls the minimum price you can list on Amazon and keep the Buy Box in relation to prices found on the internet (Walmart) is completely jacked up and prone for abuse.

We recently had one of our branded items become ineligible for being a featured offer because the Amazon system found a similar item on the internet at a lower price. I know for a fact our product is not being sold outside of Amazon and at a lower price. I searched Walmart and found a product titled the same way as our Amazon listing using the same pictures but under a different brand name on Walmart. It was being sold at $11 when our product was being sold at $12. We are now forced to sell the product at $11 even though the products are completely different. Amazon seller support basically can’t do anything about it stating that this is automatically picked up by their systems and they don’t have control over the algorithms and their system

I’m lost on how to solve this issue. I can try to file a complaint to Walmart to try to take down the listing but the listing on Walmart uses a different brand name than ours. Just the title and picture are the same.

Whats to stop malicious Amazon sellers from setting up dummy items on Walmart with intention to get their competitors products removed from the Buy Box.

This feature on Amazon has to be removed or fixed right away!!!