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Hi All,
I am new to Amazon selling. We are trying to list our branded swag (t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, water bottles, ect.) on the Amazon marketplace. Every time I put a UPC for the T-shirt from the manufacturer itself, Amazon says that I have to create a new product. When I do that it then says that the Brand Name does not match the GTIN/ UPC or that it already exists. I wasn’t sure how I go around this or how if I should go through the process of possibly getting UPC exempt for Private Labeling.
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Thanks for the reply.
I got the UPCs directly from the manufacturer of the shirt. I would assume they got their UPCs are from GS1? Or am I being niave?

For instance this is the UPC for the plain shirt that we use to brand.

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When you enter a UPC, Amazon validates the Brand through GS1 – the official registrar of UPC codes. When manufacturers/brands purchase UPC codes through GS1, those UPC codes are then registered to their brand.

Amazon is likely looking up your UPC code and finds the brand you are entering does not match the brand that GS1 says this UPC code belongs to.

Where did you get your UPC codes? If not from GS1 then this is likely the issue.


Is that the same Next Level Apparel that is in Gardena in SoCal?

If you go to the GS1 website and search Next Level Apparel, they are registered to a different company prefix than the UPC number you are trying to use.


If the manufacturer’s UPC is for an unprinted t-shirt and you are selling a printed t-shirt, you need your own UPC.


If you are modifying/re-branding a plain shirt, you need to provide a new UPC code. You cannot use the UPC code from the original, unmodified product.


Sweet that worked. Can I use that prefix for this or do I need to get new UPCs?


Call up and ask for Catalog and Feeds.

See what they say.

Remember the word cleave.

This will resolve this quickly.

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