Bought By Mistake Option



Customer raised return request and choose the option bought by mistake.

Customer raised the request a day after we shipped the item.

Customer also chooses the expensive shipping option instead of the standard shipping.

The product is still in transit.

Amazon has issued a returnless refund.

I lost my item and money on the shipping.

Is there anything I can do to change Amazon giving returnless refund in the future?

Thank you,
Speed Savings.


I am guessing this is an under $10 item?

Have you tried to do a Safe-T claim?


I am not sure what Safe-T claim is.

Where can I get information on this?

Thank you


Yes it is 9.99


Search Seller Help – it’s not a very good search, but it should bring that up.


I am also in the same boat, with hundreds of orders. Did you find any answers to this?