Bots Flagging Non-Related ASINS as "Pesticides"


There was a recent post from another seller on a Dell Wyse listing being taken down. I looked at the cached listing page on google and the description has ‘virus-resistant’ in it. This is what probably triggered the pesticide bot.


Disregard my earlier hypothesis regarding black hat stuff. This is almost certainly the culprit.

Great catch, @HDMS!


While many, many Sellers were/are selling regulated products illegally, from day one there have been misidentified products. Nobody wants sellers to have to nitpick and stress over the words they choose to market their product as long as they aren’t violating the law. Since there are so very many products on Amazon (and Amazon always maintained, and the EPA ultimately agreed, that Sellers responsible for the listing content) the EPA has given Sellers (US based, foreigners are {choose verb}ed) a do it yourself way to resolve a misidentification. That doesn’t require any intervention from an Amazon employee (this way they can’t accidently, break the NDA, or worse aid & abet a criminal act). Yet, multiple times everyday, Sellers pop off about Amazon needing to fix this.

Just take the module, then attest that it isn’t regulated (assuming that it isn’t after you have learned the rules).


The official word from Amazon:

Please note that as per Amazon policy products that make any antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-fouling, CONTAMINATION, DETERIORATION or other pesticidal claim (for example, products marketed to disinfect, repel insects, remove allergens mold, mildew, or prevent / kill bacteria), may be considered pesticides

So a computer Anti Virus program - pesticide
Plastic that resists UV deterioration- Pesticide

God forbid any actual human review what the bots yank and quote anything other than the bots are always right


I totally understand your point. However, I sell no chemicals, no pesticides, no drugs, no herbs, no foods, etc. So why in the world should I be required to take a training that has no relevance to my products? That part simply doesn’t make sense to me. I had one piece of jewelry flagged as a pesticide :joy::rofl: and after multiple attempts of trying to get it corrected I said forget it and just listed the piece on another site.


We build Internet Firewall’s, nothing to do with Pesticide. Our product was flagged in April 2020 as pesticide, it took about a week to give us a green light. And today, it was taken down as pesticide again … We called seller support, wasn’t of any help at all.

It is just amazing how this happens every year … and it is just frustrating trying to get help! Obviously there is an error on their ‘bots’. I do hope someone or a team in Amazon can fix this!


We sell internet firewalls, and today is the second time they flagged us … Seller support even forced us to take the pesticide class last year … so took it, because amazon said we had to.


This is an example of what is wrong. Amazon can’t fix this.


Had to take the class as well.

Amazon reminds me of the company from the Disney series Dinosaurs that Earl worked for.


Well, we took the class, they manually gave exception in April 2020. And we have NOT change a single thing on the product description, and Feb 2021, pesticide again …


same thing for us.

The product is a Lightbar for F#*&# Sake.

Does this look like any kind of pesticide product, NOOOOO but try to get an actual human to review it.

Resists UV degradation (an important component of any plastic that is exposed to sun and the elements) makes it a pesticide.


The “good” thing on our end is, we got some reply saying they are escalating to some team. And it is already 6 days since our listing was closed. Last time was 7 days


We were just hit with 7 violations for 7 different books


Yeah My issue has been escalated 3x already. Then I go back to the circle jerk of the original form letter and start over.


I just had (10) paperback books taken down off of Amazon, with Amazon claiming they were pesticide related. And I was given a Policy Warning from Amazon for each one. This is absolutely, 100% an Amazon problem. LOL at anyone claiming differently. Amazon’s bots are absolutely out of control.


This is 100% brought on by Third-party Sellers who broke the law (and in fact injured and killed people). This was NOT Amazon’s idea, nor does Amazon have any control over it (This is controlled completely by the EPA, refer to the EPA/Amazon Master Settlement Agreement). Complaining, and disagreeing will not change anything, reaching out to Seller Support should not get results, as I said legally Amazon and their employees hands should be tied.

It isn’t getting better, it is only expanding the FCC is enforcing product compliance shortly as well

(although Amazon seems to have learned their lesson and is being proactive, to maintain a modicum of control)


You’re either being deliberately obtuse and argumentative, or you’re a shill for Amazon. Amazon is misidentifying paperback books as being pesticide. 100% Amazon problem. End of story.





Facts are facts, this is 100% Sellers problem. And Amazon has no control over this any longer. Please take the time to actually educate yourself on FIFRA and the EPA’s role as mandated by Congress in FIFRA enforcement and exactly the law written by Congress states regarding FIFRA violation Settlements then read the press releases regarding the historic EPA/Amazon Master Settlement Agreement.

I certainly think one of us is (hint: it isn’t me)


Completely agree! I’ve had two paperback books taken down also claiming they were pesticide related. One was a fiction book and the other a science workbook. Definitely an Amazon issue!