Books that I listed are no where to be found in my inventory


Just listed a book and it went through but one sold instantly and there was another still available for sale. I quickly deleted it before someone else bought it and I know I only listed it once for absolute sure. Not sure what is going on but a really bad time to list inventory.


I’m thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, I just did a clean-out of about 2000 books, and need to process them all in the next few days so that the rejects can be ready for the already scheduled pickup by the donation group.

I’m to the point of considering just doing a rough edit; and setting aside the books that are worth something to list later. Just another step, plus more work moving inventory around. I guess Amazon figures that the new “improvements” aren’t slowing us down enough. :frowning:


Amen to that. :wink:

I never had that, so I have no idea if that changed for me. Frankly, it’s the type of thing that I can do without (I can type faster than I can look through a list; besides, if it’s in the list, I don’t want it).

Yes, in the OLD (functional) input screen, it would give me the error. In the new one, the few times that I’ve mistakenly entered a duplicate SKU, up until a few days ago, it would just sit there, as if it didn’t take the click on the “Submit” button. Only after having a few clicks not work would it dawn on me to scroll up and see if there was anything highlighted. Very poorly designed; but maybe that’s what you get when you hire programmers who grew up thinking that searching for Easter Eggs was a great thing.

And I ALWAYS had that with the old screen; although it didn’t matter to me; I wouldn’t want to reuse one anyway, so I don’t know what would have happened if I did.

Now the big question is what is going to happen when I hit “Continue” on the shipping plan that shows books that don’t show up in “Manage Inventory”. I’m kinda scared to find out.


I’m having same listing problems since late June/early July. I did open one case, and after much back and forth with none of Amazon’s proposed solutions working I did receive a response that said “I found an error in the back end of our system regarding this listing information”. Then they told me to use Add a Product, use ASIN, create my own SKU. Which naturally did not work either. After trying multiple times I wrote to them, said I was giving up, and to close the case.
My main point here being at no time did anyone from Amazon say they would try to rectify the problem!! Only that they found an error in the back end of their system. They shrug their shoulders, don’t care at all.


So since it appears that this really is an issue is there a moderator that could help get this issue brought up to someone in Amazon who might actually be able to do something or pass it to the right department to be researched!

Long delay for listing inventory since site update

However do we do that. They pick keywords out of the cases we create and basically tells us things we already know about how to list a product. What keyword do we need to use to get someone who cares?


how bout HELP!!!


This is utterly ridiculous. My guess the reason a moderator hasn’t chimed in is because they have no idea what is going on.


Now Amazon is giving me a different answers. It’s not that I don’t know how to list a book, but rather that I am not allowed to sell a particular title. The one ISBN they mentioned is 0615975305. Normally (or whatever might have counted as normal on Amazon up until a week or so ago), if I am not allowed to sell an item (category restriction; brand owner restriction; DVD price), I am not allowed to go through all the steps of creating the listing. Since I’ve been selling for 20 years, I am able to list books (including textbooks) that newer sellers are not. Most of the books that haven’t shown up are ones that don’t have any obvious reason to be gated. My guess is the most recent response is wrong just like the earlier ones. I have no idea why Amazon can’t recognize there is an issue with their software.


Having better luck listing tonight–after using the ADD a PRODUCT page exclusively for the last week or so -and 60% of listings not going through!

Today the SELL on AMAZON button has reappeared!! I’ve been putting the ISBN in the main search bar, coming up w/ a detail page/ clicking on the button. 100% listed-though some titles are taking up to an hour to appear. This after I’d attempted 3 or 4 times per title in the last few days.

Hope this works for ya’ll-and the powers-that-be will leave the blamed listing process alone!!!


You talked me into trying this way however after about an hour no such luck. Still not showing up in inventory


I have been having troubles listing a few books and I opened support cases for every book which does not appear in my inventory. As totally expected the support was less than any help anyone would hope for. They give me totally different answers. Here is one from today:

On researching further, I see that the error associated with the SKU is related to differences in the values which you are entering compared to the already existing values of the ASIN.
_For example, there is a difference in the condition note of the product as compared to the condition note of the ASIN as seen on the detail page.
Hence the system is detecting a discrepancy in the listing as a result of which the product is not being added under the seller central account.
emphasized text

Does anyone know what this all means?


Wow, that’s a great question. Amazing how they spin things just to give answers to things they have no clue about. Maybe they should forward these consistent problems to a department that can help but my guess is, they get more positive credit for being able to say they’ve solved this case. Again, WHERE are the moderator’s on this???


Replies to my cases…

"I understand that you are trying to list an ASIN: 1250049415 in your inventory and facing an issue.

Upon researching I found that the ASIN: 1250049415 that you want to list in your inventory is already present in Amazon’s website under the product category- /Books›Travel›United States, so in order to list this product please follow the below steps that are there to list products that already exist in Amazon’s catalog: "
Then it tells me how to list a book. Dah, I’ve been doing it for five years. Now, they’ve solved the problem.

Reply to second one:

"Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that your concern is regarding listing product with ASIN 0692014543.

I would like to inform you that I have checked and found that listing got error due to incorrect product type field.

You need to enter ISBN/UPC/EAN of your product in product id field instead of ASIN.

If you still gets any error in future then you can write back to us."

Another dah…I always put the ISBN in.

Thanks for all the help.

Again, where are the moderators on these problems that MANY are having.


Here is another brilliant reply I have just received
"I understand that you are facing issues while creating a listing for ASIN :0990711714.

We were unable to find a listing for the Product ID: 0990711714. Please create a new listing by adding a product into your inventory."

I totally agree it appears to be a systemic issue and I really hope moderators will take this case and channel it to the proper technical support.


That’s rich! The condition note on the detail page… sad, so sad.


So, no one has gotten word as to whether new listings will eventually show up. We have been adding fresh inventory over the last few days. Out of the first batch of approximately 60 titles added, 18 are still not showing - going on 48 hours. The second batch of about 40 titles were slow to appear in open inventory (a few took up to five hours), but eventually all but three came through. We more boxes of stock to add. What is recommended for titles that have been listed yet still haven’t appeared? Never had to wait more than 24 hours for delayed listings to show up.


If they do not appear in 24 hours I would try the Add a Product link. Sometimes it will say the product already exists in your inventory even though you cannot see it. In any case make sure that more aren’t listed than you have in stock.

If the product is already listed but inactive they might ask you to update that listing rather than add a new SKU.


That’s my concern: redundancy of listings. If the listings that haven’t yet shown up after a period of 48 hours are yet somehow floating around somewhere and “available” for sale, and I go ahead and successfully relist the same set of titles, what happens when titles in the second batch start selling, and suddenly the original batch starts showing up as active and so forth and so on? I made this mistake in the past. The question is, what happened with all the titles listed but disappeared into the ether of amazon?


First noticed this on July 29th. Listed 237 books since that time, and 27 have not appeared in inventory at all. Some take a while to get in as usual, but for the 27 it’s been at least 48 hours or more, and nothing. I tried using 3rd party software or simply “Add product”, neither worked.

At least with the 3rd party software you can figure out which ones don’t go through via Amazon’s “Add product via Upload”. That report makes it obvious (in my opinion) that Amazon is purposely rejecting these book listings, and giving error reports. Unfortunately these errors don’t make a lot of sense/the errors aren’t obvious. “SKU does not match any ASIN and contains invalid values…etc” or “This SKU is not in the Amazon catalog”.

Obviously, the software finds something wrong with these listings, but I cannot figure out what the problem actually is.