Book returned, in bad condition, inappropriate packaging. Cust. scanned?


Received a book back today after a return request was authorized.
The book is an expensive loose-leaf textbook. I shipped it carefully in secure packaging. Return was requested because “accidental order.”
I got it back today in a large box, no padding. Obviously damaged. The book had clearly been taken apart; my guess is that it was scanned before being shipped back. Why was the book not simply re-packaged in its original envelope? Whatever the intention was, it’s in bad condition now. I’m not a high volume seller, so don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?
Photo attached.
Madonna E.


Unfortunately, the best you can do within Amazon policy is not pay for return shipping, not refund original shipping and charge a 50% restocking fee.

I’d do all that in this case for sure.


Greetings maddythelibrarian,

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I’m sorry to see that the book has returned to you in damaged condition.

Per policy, you are allowed to charge a [Restocking Fee|] (50% of the item’s price) for items that are returned in a different condition from what was originally sent.

If you decide to charge a restocking fee, we ask that you contact the buyer through Buyer-Seller Messaging to explain why they will be receiving a partial refund.

  • Should the buyer have additional questions, here is a link to a buyer-facing help page on restocking fees you can include in your correspondence: [Restocking Fees|]
    I hope this information has been helpful!



Since you say you’re a low-volume seller, please, before you charge a hefty restocking fee, carefully consider the effect on your metrics should the buyer file an A-Z and/or leave a negative feedback.

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