Book in my FBA inventory goes from Active to Out of Stock months after FBA received it with no sale


I sent a book into FBA several months ago. Checking my inventory today I see the book listed as “Inactive (Out of Stock)”. However I have no indication that it sold.

Date created is listed as “02/24/2022 17:10:35” Status change date says “08/03/2022 22:38:22”. How can status change date be three days ago and several months after I sent it into FBA. And how did it get from Active on FBA to Out of Stock without selling? This sale is a substantial amount to me and so I’d like someone at Amazon to look into this and let me know what’s going on with this ASIN.

Book changes status after half a year active FBA. How can I have the book sent back?

You may want to use your reports to see what is going on with your inventory.

Once you figure it out, you can confidently tell Amazon what needs to be fixed.


Go to Inventory->Manage FBA Inventory, enter the SKU/ASIN and then look at the Reserved column. If your book is tied up, you should see a number in that column other than 0. Click on the down arrowhead next to that number. That should tell you what is going on with it.


Under Reserved it says “FC Transfer”


Yes, so that means they’re shuffling it around to a different fulfillment center, that can take a week or two. They just did the same to a bunch of my media items.


I opened a case with Amazon. They want me to supply them with a itemized receipt for the book in question. I’ve never been required to supply this before. I bought it at a thrift store that only issues receipts with date and price and store’s address. Highest priced book I’ve ever listed. Is amazon going to confiscate it if I can’t come up with a full, legally acceptable receipt?



Did you by chance take five or six pictures of the book, along with complete condition / description…

It’s been a while since I did FBA when they did lose or damage something they generally just gave me the routine costs of what it normally sold for???

I also tightly wrapped all of my books, to secure the spines and keep them from being trashed, Warehouse they’re filthy places …

At some point they change the rules charging fees on everything even if it was just a single title

I recalled everything the only thing that saved me was that the books were carefully wrapped… they came back in boxes via UPS, poorly packaged little or no dunnage, not even half the time to slip it was supposed to be in the Box was included…

I finally just stacked them up, so I could actually inventory them once I thought I had all of the books returned…

They lost an amazing amount of small paperbacks, Vintage …they actually reimbursed me fairly well for those, but others they just valued at a dollars…

So they’re not necessarily going to confiscate it --they just may not give you that high retail price you were asking… probably depends on which bean counter is handling it that day…

That’s why they’re asking for the receipt - so they can determine what the actual cogs were??

Or I could just be Imagining the entire scenario based on experience previous …


I thought you said it was in transfer, why are you asking for reimbursement?


Long history of assuming everything that is not actively listed, is stolen.


I did wrap that book. Something I don’t usually do. I’ll have to check if my computer has a photo. So if I get lucky and find a book worth $900+ where the store only charges me $10, Amazon is only going to compensate me $10?

I received another email from Amazon. They’re still asking I send them multiple forms of proof I purchased the book, where, when, etc.



You didn’t list the book NEW did you …?


If they lose it, that is correct.
Their liability exists only up to your cost, not what you thought you could sell it for (unless the book sells, and they can’t find it to fulfill the order; then it’s the selling price that they are liable for). This is standard policy across all types of insurance, which this basically is.

For this reason, I would never send a book that valuable to FBA.

Hopefully your claim didn’t short-circuit the normal transfer process. If it’s in transfer, you just need to wait; sometimes takes several weeks (annoying, but common). If everything works right, your book should relist once the transfer is complete; but if they reimburse you for it (for what you paid), then find it, it may not come back to you.


I started a thread in the other forum as I’m currently dealing with similar issues, missing used media items during inbound FBA processing. Unfortunately it sounds like there really is no reimbursement for used media:


Are you talking to me?

I have had two incidences where boxes broke open on a UPS truck and it seems only the more valuable books failed to reach the destination. Yes I a getting fed up. I’m about to pay the extra to ship by Fedex instead of get discount shipping on UPS. Fedex gives me better service when shipping. They have reasonably priced self serve printing. Much better organization all around in my experience. Probably vet their employees more. UPS drivers covered in prison tats, stopping all around town to transfer packages from truck to truck, playing quarterback with packages. I’ve seen it.


I would settle for just getting the book back now.


Yes I am.
You make it a regular habit, to accuse others of theft, when you clearly did not package your products correctly.

You have over 150 posts from others telling you how to use the platform for over a decade now. Perhaps instead of making duplicate posts, spamming the forums, and accusing people of theft, you could simply follow the directions/suggestions already given, and maybe someone will help you find out where your inventory is.


You need to be using better boxes and/or packing them better.

Shipping via any carrier can be a bit rough; it’s your responsibility to ensure that your packaging can withstand normal shipping. No need to pack to withstand being run over by a semi, but certainly well enough to be dropped several feet without busting open.




For large heavy objects I actually glue the flaps the way they’re supposed to go, I may also insert another piece of cardboard which is also glued…

I buy Elmer’s by the gallon, there’s usually a bottle of Glue by every workspace – squeeze mustard mayonnaise dressing rinsed out wash make excellent dispensers…

In lieu of having a hot glue machine like a lot of Manufacturers have…

Also if you have a paper tape machine, in conjunction with the glue that can work exceedingly well…

Many tapes that you buy just aren’t very good…

I have some 3-in tape, I got as part of one of my packing buyouts, but an Excel dispenser… off Amazon, extremely good tape quality along with the dispenser…

Along with an assortment of polybags non-branded, poly bubble bags, beige craft bags, I shouldn’t have to buy any more for the rest of my life…


I am trying to insure the box is adequate now. Thanks for the tips.

The book in question has shown up as Active FBA after I provided Amazon with all I had to establish ownership and legitimated acquisition of the book.