Biggest selling days of the week?


Mondays that are not Holidays and kids are at school.


There is a reason why Monday became the day for Cyber Monday.


SuperBowl day for Snacks in stores, two-three-days before that via Amazon.

Alas, they do not have it every week.


Historically Monday was considered the biggest day of the week:

“The reason, he said, is that people spend less time on their computers over their weekend, but when they get to the office on Monday, they want to shop.”

I’m not sure if this has held up as much, though, considering the increase in mobile phones/shopping and the general improvement of home internet speeds.

Some more recent info shows that might still be the case:


This question was asked a few years ago. I calculated it then and just redid it. These are percents, and I found them by sorting/searching on all my Sold Ship Now emails in Outlook.

Monday 16
Tuesday 15
Thursday 14
Friday 12
Saturday 13
Sunday 14


Sundays and Mondays for me.


Thanks everybody!


No, she/he is dead serious :smiley:

I used to think that there is a pattern of bad/good sales days…but Amazon proved me wrong couple of times…
Some weeks I get better sales Friday eve than previous Monday…go figure…


Download your order history to excel, and then use a formula like
on the Date column.
Then count the number for each day.


Yes that makes sense! Every time it seems like it’s the weekend it becomes the week!


Generally Sunday to Tuesday.


For us, the busiest day has almost always been either Monday or Tuesday.

After that it then steadily declines through Sunday and pops again on Monday running through Tuesday.

This has been extremely predictable.

Very rarely does this change for us, Christmas season as an example, is pretty volatile and unpredictable for the busiest days of the week though you can guess pretty well what days will be busiest based on when the holidays are falling for the year and shipping times for Prime.


We sell a large volume and across many categories, so depending on the items you sell it may be different. Start with the best and end with worst over last year. SUNDAY, MONDAY, THURSDAY SATURDAY, TUESDAY , FRIDAY and lastly WED. The strange thing we noticed was Thursdays are good for us… Anyway SUNDAY and MONDAY are by far the better days.


I sell business products and it seems like Tuesday and Thursday are always the biggest days.

Monday and Friday people just don’t want to work and get things accomplished(ie buying my products)

Wednesday I can’t really figure out why it’s seemingly slower than Tuesday/Thursday.


Same here. We sell business products. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the busiest days. I read somewhere a long time ago that Tuesday is the most productive day. I alo can’t figure out what happens on Wednesdays - they are slower than Tue and Thur. Mondays and Fridays are traditionally slower, but once in a while office workers get a shot of Adrenalin and overload us with orders. Weekends are slow for us. A lot more consumer orders instead of the business.


Monday followed by Wednesday unless they are holidays. Saturday is the slowest. Sunday afternoon will sometimes do well.

Bad weather appears a factor to increased sales. We see this with major storms from different areas of the country.

Sad but true, though nice for us, people shop more at work not from home.


the 366th day on a leap year, is my best selling day EVER!


Some days are definitely better shopping/sales days than others, but the smaller the seller and sample size the more likely randomness comes into play.


I’ve noticed that Monday seems to be the best day for sales. For my products Amazon doesn’t ship much over the weekend and they clear out the pending sales on Monday by shipping then. That makes it look like Momday is the best day but for me it’s the day they ship the majority of my weekend sales, not necessarily a measure of customer behavior.

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