BIG problem with Amazon Japan


No agent required. No local business address required. Though, Global Selling mentioned to CC him when submitting the docs.


Ahh - Well I’ve had two new responses from seller team. They cannot forward my email to the global selling team in Seattle and suggested, unhelpfully in both responses today that I should take it up with Amazon Japan. This is despite me telling them TWICE that Amazon Japan don’t respond to messages. They either ignore or send a completely off-message response two weeks later that doesn’t relate to my complaint.

I’ve sent over a dozen messages to Amazon Japan to try and resolve this and have not been able to. I’ve given up. I’ve sent almost as many emails to to try and work out if they can do anything about Amazon Japan and equally, no help there either.

I wrote off the money that they took within that first hour of joining up. I don’t expect I’ll ever get it back. Good luck guys, hope you find the solution some day.


At the most basic level, you guys will need to have your Japanese language sorted. If you’re doing business in Japan - as the perception will be you are doing business in Japan, on a Japanese site, in Japanese Yen. You cannot turn up there and use Google Translate. This is a cultural thing, Japanese will go into meltdown if you try doing business in Japan without perfect Japanese language!


Not sure if I sent a message to you privately… cannot locate it now. did you get it?


Alliance team will answer your Japanese account questions.


I can’t say I know for sure but the Japan itself has a number requirements that are not requirements in other Amazon markets. Understanding local laws in Japan is important when selling on It is every seller’s responsibility to comply with all Japanese customs, laws, and regulations. Certain items are subject to customs duties. You are obligated to pay all taxes (including, but not limited to, consumption tax, customs, and duties), imposed on each order and shipment. Responsibility for paying these taxes cannot be transferred. Not to mention you must establish and maintain a local business address in Japan for customer returns (required for MFN and FBA). According to the “Act on Specified Commercial Transaction” (Japanese law), you must also list your business information on the seller profile page. If you’re selling FBA you’ve probably already figured this out, if no perhaps not.


We had this exact same problem last year trying to globally link to Amazon Japan. Amazon Seller Support Japan sends that same form letter (in Japanese) repeatedly even when you request a response in English (we received the same letter as above and our account also was suspended within minutes of creation and linking). Alliance sends the same default Japanese form letter. I send a query to Jeff@ asking for help which got forwarded to a person in Japan who also sent the same default form letter in Japanese.

There does not seem to be any way to get a response in English from Seller Support Japan, to understand what has gone wrong, if something is wrong, a critical issue when Global Seller Support is trying to convince people to link to .JP (which they’re trying to do again this month (February 2020).


Can’t believe Western sellers are still experiencing this problem several months on and still nothing sorted out by Amazon HQ. Frankly, it’s disgusting that departments in Amazon head office are marketing this and encouraging those outside of Japan to sign up / link to Japan when ultimately, after any seller’s hard work in this regard, they will be suspended immediately upon linking up with no hope of a refund of money taken.

Also, it has nothing to do with not being able to speak Japanese. One of the directions I tried to take to resolve it was hire a native Japanese interpreter and have her respond to the emails in Japanese, including sending the documents they were after with cover letter in Japanese. Unfortunately, the same dead end.

A seller in this thread managed to get hold of someone high up (in Alliance I think) that managed to sort it out for him through personal intervention, but when I tried to email them directly too, received no response.

My advice is to anyone new reading this thread is to leave Japan alone until Amazon have fixed this. I’ll respond in here with a solution, should I ever get one.