BIG problem with Amazon Japan


It’s great that you recommend that. But maybe this seller doesn’t want to pay the Currency Converter fees, or maybe he has other reasons for wanting to do business the way he seems to want to.

In any event, if Amazon is going to invite someone to the site, they ought not to so rapidly dismiss them from selling there with no valid reason.

bunga bunga!


I really don’t believe this issue is related to any bank account.

As I mentioned before, we had no time to even put in the bank account information before the account was suspended. The Japanese Amazon account was linked/opened quite literally for 10 minutes before suspension. Therefore that cannot be the reason.

The credit/debit card used to pay for seller fees was provided on opening the account, and this was done using our (regular/established) UK company bank card. It is just a standard debit/credit Visa card and payment went through first time. It shows it as taken on our bank statement and has not been refunded.

I still think it’s because they can’t cope with new influx of sellers and just suspend non-Japanese residential new accounts. Amazon need to stop encouraging non-Japanese merchants from opening an account there until they get this straightened out.


I did that. Used statements from my existing bank account that I’ve been using for Amazon UK for years. At first they didn’t like the look of the statement but when I sent some more so that they included a full run from one month to the next they appeared to accept it and started asking for other things, which I attempted to supply. I wish someone from Amazon would pay attention to these threads on this forum. I gather that you (AngelicPretty/Kika) are not connected with Amazon, despite apparently acting as an apologist for them?


Just a note that I had the exact same problem with Japan starting in April which went on through the end of May when I gave up. Same email responses. I also emailed jeff@ with no real response. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of what they were talking about for exhibition account, they wouldn’t explain it, and in every email I asked for someone to respond in English and not once did they do so.

I also tried reaching out to email addrs I had from web seminars of amazon staff from other global zones, to see if they might be able to put me in touch with someone on a team from japan. They either didn’t respond to emails or I got a response saying they were on indefinite leave.

I’d love to see some traction on this because selling on the .jp side would be great for our company, but the responses or their requirements need to be MUCH more transparent.


Having tried the more obscure Amazon marketplaces around the world, I am of the opinion that outside of USA, Canada, UK and Europe, Amazon is not working properly. To expect the same level of service or opportunity from Japan or Australia than you expect (and receive) from UK or USA is just not viable at the moment.

It’s funny - I was at the WImbledon men’s final last Sunday and I happened to see Jeff Bezos sitting with a female friend in the Royal Box area. He was literally a few metres away from us. I felt like going over and having a few words with him about how broken his creation is! However the tennis was far more exciting! Apart from that, I’m sure he already knows.

It is unacceptable that they took our seller payment for the first month and suspended our account all inside the first 10 minutes of opening it. Shocking. Especially shocking that no person outside of Amazon Japan can help us either.


So, have you just left the account without taking further action? Have you asked for your money back, closed the account, made phone calls, or anything? Tonight I sent a message asking for my money back. It will probably just get “Transferred” and marked as “Answered”, though!


I am having the same issue with Amazon Jaan. It’s been a battle for me these past two weeks. Now to hear everyone on here’s challenges…it worries even more. Good luck guys and let’s keep each other informed on the days, weeks, months to come on how this works out for us. Hopefully they will shape up and get their S*** together.


The worst experience is a big understatement. Most people don’t realize how poor amazon is designed on the backend. I’m not surprised if they’re really owned by the government because this is the type of service you expect from our government.


been waiting for over 2 months now. Still nothing.


I did all of that and still haven’t gotten my money back. The only thing I’ve gotten so far is template + 1 or two original statement that has nothing to do with why we got suspended.


This sucks!!


Email the alliance team. They will resolve it.


“It is unacceptable that they took our seller payment for the first month and suspended our account all inside the first 10 minutes of opening it. Shocking. Especially shocking that no person outside of Amazon Japan can help us either” - This is the exact same thing that happened to me as well. I asked for a refund and they have been ignoring my messages, not sure what to do. I am currently selling on USA, Australia and EU marketplaces and have not had any issues. No one at Amazon Japan responds - I am surprised they are unable to coordinate with each other.


Alliance team?

This is the team that handles new seller registrations from my understanding, not sure if they help with other stuff. It worked for us. You can also email seller support and they should give you this information.


People overestimate the accuracy of googles auto translate. I would never trust it especially for Asian languages.


I trust it primarily because I don’t have a lot of choice, but when sending messages I send them in both english and translated Japanese. But using Google translate on Japanese sure makes me appreciate the skill translators have. It’s clearly not just a simple word replace, english and Japanese apparently have vastly different sentence structures and it seems there are a lot of words that don’t translate properly given the context.


Ok, here is the deal. I was contacted last week from the Global Selling team out of Seattle, totally out of the blue after giving up. The are reaching out to all the Sellers who were suspended immediately when trying to activate Japan marketplace. Apparently, the algorithm had a glitch that was a cause and they got it fixed recently. They asked to email the Alliance team again with two documents. (utility bill and business registration doc) name had to match fully along with address and copy the rep. They said to do this also on the Performance repeal tab area. Then it should fix within 24 hours. Mine did not, so plan B was the rep would escalate to higher level team that would contact Japan. The Japan Marketplace is autonomous with only the higher ups reporting to Amazon USA.

Hope this sheds some light what happened.

Contact the Global Selling team before Oct. 1 as they are moving to other areas to focus on. They will help with transferring brand registry and provide templates for ASINS to have translated free of charge.


Wow - some movement at last. I had given up hope completely to be honest.
I’ll try it that way and see if I can make it happen for us too. Cheers for coming back in and updating everyone! :slight_smile:


Amazon is terrible in this aspect. They allure you then abandon you. I had a similar problem with Europe. All my money was gone.

BTW, did you try to use an agent? When I opened Amazon JP, it was required to use an agent.