Best way to ship to Germany?


Best way to ship a high dollar item to Germany and get a signature. Go


Forget it.

Quick advice - germany wants high high taxes at customs on anything, including packages marked ‘gift’.

Anyway - you can only guarantee a signature using UPS/Fedex/DHL. But it will cost you over a hundred bucks in broker fees at the airport…etc.

But apparently you already know everything, you were just quizzing us…


Dont. But I think express is the only way to get a signature, but some countries
are not included in getting a signature. Look up through USPS or UPS.


Clearly you have no idea and no USPS will not get a signature at all on any shipping method.


USPS is the only affordable option. I’ve never had an issue with a shipment to Germany. Be sure to check the import restrictions (as you should with any country).


We don’t offer international shipping on Amazon, since estimating the shipping costs is too difficult when you cannot break it down both by weight and specific country.

We do ship a lot internationally on our own website. If you ship a decent amount of FedEx, you can get good rates on International Economy. FedEx also has a service where you can call in last minute and get special rates based on whether they have extra place on an outgoing plane.

As far as customs costs in Germany, I don’t know a lot, but we did have a customer recently who said toys are not taxed. We don’t sell toys, so it wasn’t relevant, but FYI in case you do.



Ship via USPS using USPS Priority or USPS International FC Mail.

Insure the package.

If very high value ($500+), think about using USPS Guaranteed Express Delivery, which has multiple checkpoints along the way. Warning-- it is really expensive. I used it once, at the request of a buyer in the UK.

There is nothing to be scared about when shipping packages to Germany. Their postal system is incredibly efficient. I have had packages ship, via the USPS, in FOUR DAYS from NYC to customers in Germany, and similar incredible service to many northern European countries, and the UK.

It takes longer for the USPS to ship a book from one side of Manhattan to the other via Media Mail than it takes for them to deliver from NYC to a small town in Norway–go figure.


Based on the little info given here I would say UPS Signature Tracking.
However, not knowing the size and weight, can’t say for sure.
Size, weight, and dollar value all come into play when determining best/least expensive way to ship over seas.
How fast you need to get it there will also come into play.


Registered insured mail if not too big


Well I suppose you dont need any help then. If you already know, then why ask.

Like I said USPS might do it, but I didnt check, as you can do that. I do think express international does get a signature, but not sure on what countries are included.

But since you know all of that already guess we all wasted our time.

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