Best usps shipping discount?


What is the best program or service to get a shipping discount? I am spending over $1000 a week in postage and I know there are discounts out there but with so many scams not sure which ones are real. I would love to get some feedback on discount % and programs you guys use? thanks so much!


$1,000 per week isn’t such a hard amount to get to… 100, 3 or 4 pound packages a week (14 packages per day) and you are nearly there.

OP, contact USPS customer service and ask to be contacted by your local business rep… S/he will help determine if you are eligible for any of their business rates. And there are other helpful things a business rep can do. I get alternate sized boxes (priority boxes in a host of different sizes that are not available on the USPS website) from my business rep.


The USPS discount thru Amazon seems to be pretty good. Not sure how much more you expect the USPS to discount. Media mail is the same on Amazon and at the post office, but it is already discounted from first class.


That’s a lot of money.

What are you shipping? How are you now shipping?

I don’t who are you using, there are different ways.

First class express, what weight, international, ???

Can not offer good advice without good info.


Ive been in contact about better shipping rates, and you need to have a lot of shipping to get to those rates. Like 50,000 in priority and like 5k for first class mail.


+Ive been in contact about better shipping rates, and you need to have a lot of shipping to get to those rates. Like 50,000 in priority and like 5k for first class mail.+

Well… The OP says they are spending $1,000 a week… That would be $52,000 a year so it might well work for them.


Sorry, I should have been more specific…most of my items are light and weigh only 3-13 ounces. I dont have heavier ones a pound or more but only about 5-10 a day. So, i ship via usps.


I would use or endicia. With those kinds of numbers you should get at least gold level through stamps which is about the same as what you pay on Amazon, maybe a little better for certain priority weights and you don’t pay the annoying .07 cents for using Amazon. If you are shipping 1k/week of first class that is a lot of .07 cents. 300-600 or so @ .07 each is 20-50$ per week that could save you right away. If you are not already using stamps that is.


The requirements are actually 50,000 priority packages or 5,000 first class packages mailed in a year. Not the amount of money spent. Just to clear things up.


First, you need to be using a 3p shipping package such as Shipworks or Shipstation. Regardless of anything else you should be doing this as it will greatly streamline your entire shipping process.

Make sure the package you choose interfaces with Express1.

When you get up and running, signup on Express1. That will give you Commercial PLUS pricing on Priority Mail which will save you about 6-7%. For example, Commercial BASE pricing (Which is what you get thru endica/stamps) for a flat rate padded envelope is $5.70. With express1 it is only $5.35.

And as I said, the labor savings alone will make the change worth it.


I use shipping easy. You can do a search on here for that and see a thread I started. There are some other options out there too.

Shipping easy uses endicia but its super easy to use and gives l think a 10% discount on priority packages.


why do you keep giving advice on things you know absolutely nothing about?


You really cannot negotiate much better on First Class mail. there are some better rates to 16 ounces but i doubt you have the volume for that.

You could look into services that can speed up your mailing process, and garner savings from there.

Use a thermal printer stuff like that.


amazon discount is same as if you purchase through usps, paypal etc.
(commercial base)
if you have very high volume, you get access to commercial plus which saves few more %.
Ebay top rated seller and powersellers also have access to commercial plus pricing.

and $1000/wk isn’t hard, that’s only about 80-100 packages for me.
but $1000/wk isn’t going to get you much in terms of discounts anyways.


Thats not true…


Call USPS direct they will put you in commercial based and your first class weight will go up to a pound. Priority rates will drop as well, to get this you have to sign an agreement and they monitor you if you go under the amount specified your rates get cut



Go with and ask for the Professional Shipper plan. These rates are in line with Express 1, which you wont need if you get the professional plan. Also, if you send $500 a month in Priority, will refund your monthly fee. Sign up with shipworks, they are owned by This will make your job so much easier.

Shipworks no longer supports Endicia, although this may change as Stamps just purchase Endicia.


Not everyone wants a company that doesnt care about your business, actually running your business. Not everyone thinks Fba is a good choice for their products, and not every product is a good fit for Fba.


You kind of answered your own question.

When stating you ship 3-13oz items using only USPS you figured out what shipper is the cheapest.

USPS has a few reduced shipping programs and one or two based upon convenience.

They also have sales people that are there just for answering and setting you up with their best solutions.

How/why would a third party give you better USPS rates than USPS would?

Goto “RIBBS - USPS National Customer Support Center”

Look into First class permits, IMsb, and Commercial Mailing by volume.

Write or code your own automation and save thousands initially & annually.

I am low volume and still saved by creating my own IMsb’s (tracking for free) and automation…


Yes, the only way to get the PLUS discount when you don’t meet USPS standards is through a 3P. Now, there is the DHL option. It’s actually less than the USPS pricing at PLUS, but delivers USPS. It takes an extra day or two, but FC is actually pretty fast and well under Amazon metrics.