Best mws report for accurate available fba inventory


The inventory level reported by GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA MWS report does not match the inventory shown on Seller Central. When I pull the report through MWS and look at a sku it shows 1 available at FBA. When I look in Inventory Management in Seller Central, it shows 22 available and 3 in reserve. Why doesn’t the report show an accurate inventory level? Is this the right report, or is there another that would show accurate inventory levels? I’m using the GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA MWS report to balance our own inventory and cost accounting systems.

When I try another sku, the numbers match between the report and Seller Central. Yet for another sku, the report shows 0 but Seller Central shows 64???

For 10 I looked at, 6 matched and 4 were wildly off. (I’m assuming when in item is reserved it is NOT included in the available, correct?)

Anybody else facing this or am I just pulling the wrong rep;ort. which I pull every hour or so. Thanks.


Some reports are almost in real time, some are delayed.


Inventory can have lots of meanings. There are quite a few more quantity fields on the newer reports, the older report _GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_ only has

seller-sku, fulfillment-channel-sku, asin, condition-type, Warehouse-Condition-code, Quantity Available

Try using _GET_FBA_MYI_UNSUPPRESSED_INVENTORY_DATA_ or _GET_FBA_MYI_ALL_INVENTORY_DATA_ to get different looks at your items in FBA:

sku, fnsku ,asin, product-name, condition, your-price, mfn-listing-exists, mfn-fulfillable-quantity, afn-listing-exists, afn-warehouse-quantity, afn-fulfillable-quantity ,afn-unsellable-quantity, afn-reserved-quantity, afn-total-quantity ,per-unit-volume, afn-inbound-working-quantity, afn-inbound-shipped-quantity ,afn-inbound-receiving-quantity, afn-researching-quantity, afn-reserved-future-supply, afn-future-supply-buyable