Being over charged on FBA fees


I have listings with similar sizes and weights but I just noticed one of my listings I am being charged a dollar more per item in FBA fees than the other listings. Pretty upsetting for an item that I set the price at 7.99, so an extra dollar out of my profits per order is a huge hit and not right. Pretty sure I checked the FBA fee when I made the listing because I always do as that is important to me. Did Amazon change it on me? Definitely not right, this is a very small and light item. I checked the details in the listing and it is set identical to my other listings dimensions and weight. Something fishy is going on.

I also recently tried to apply for the small and light program and got denied, pretty interesting considering most of my listings are less than 10 dollars and very light and small.


FBA Small & Light requires a price under $7

Only products in new condition that measure 16 x 9 x 4 inches or less, weigh 10 oz or less, and are priced at $7 or less are eligible for Small and Light.

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