Becoming a "Featured Merchant"


Could be that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and thank’s for the head’s up!!

One clue, mentioned in the letter to the OP, is the word statistics. I’ll leave it at that.


Hello All

I was under the impression that if you register as a Pro Merchant and pay the $39.95 a month that you would Automatically qualify for a Featured Merchant spot. Is this true or did I Just get lucky I am registered as a Pro Merchant and have been sense day 1. Have been a Featured Merchant as well.


No, not all proMerchants are made Featured Merchants.

One of the first categories I was featured in and received the Buy Box was Beauty making my suspect that the standards might be looser there han other categories which took me a bit longer.


The Category Manager resonated with your Inner Beauty and could not
resist Featuring you!

I am still surprised that Health and Beauty as well as Gourmet Food are so
open but I did not realize that Beauty is so easy to get.


Or as we should say in AmazonLand Beauty is in the hands of the
Category Manager.


FWIW, I sell a few videogames here and there, but not enough, apparently, to make me a featured merchant as a self-fulfiller in the videogame category.

I recently sent in a videogame to FBA…as soon as that item went live, i was a featured merchant for that listing…


I suspected this all along, thanks for the confirmation even if it is only
one example.


I found one way to lose Featured Merchant status even on my own
FBA warehouse Product but I am still playing with that one because that
tells a little bit about the system.

Aside from the obvious. If the ODR goes above 1 percent Featured
Merchant status goes with it for at least 30 days.


keep in mind that I created the page, so maybe that’s why I became featured when I sent in merch via FBA…I just remembered that little tidbit.

i’ll have to start paying attention to see if any FBA offers are NOT featured merchants…


Send any item in for Fba and you become Featured merchant. That changed within the last year. If you arent allowed to sell in Toys in games during holiday season, if you send your items to Fba, you are and you will be featured merchant.

I still dont see how they can do this, without knowing if you have quality items to begin with.


who says you have to have quality items to use FBA? I have received junk via FBA (mainly non-OEM printer ink that dried out, probably sitting in a hot FC)…


Thats my point. I was saying, how in the world would Amazon be ok with giving a Brand new seller featured merchant status in any category while not knowing what kind
of quality their items are.

Whatever they send into Fba, they would be come featured merchant, even during the holiday season, when Amazon supposedly cares the most about the quality of items.

But they would have no idea if that seller is trustworthy or not, but still give them featured merchant status.

This is a major problem, I have ordered Fba before also and have sent many item back
because of the quality of the item or box the NEW item was in.

But they choose to look the other way, because you send your items into Fba.


The items you send into FBA make you a Featured Merchant, but the rest of your items are not.

I have items that I have sent into FBA and I become featured merchant with THAT inventory, but same product same listing of self fulfilled inventory is still on the bottom of the list under New merchants.

What I do not understand is how guys from Hong Kong and Taiwan become featured merchants for ALL of their inventory with bad feedback, 28 day wait times and NO FBA.


If buyers were more aware of what they are actually buying and who they are buying from, then yes they would be at a disadvantage in many ways. However most buyers seem to not even bother looking around AT ALL, and just click the buy box.

Its another reason why price really should not be the leading buy box qualifier. Yes, I know they say it isn’t but more times than not it seems to be the ONLY qualifier.


FBA items automatically get Featured merchant status. I am a merch fufilled FM in toys, but I get FM status in any category I use FBA for – videogames, housewares, etc. even if I am not an FM there.


That sounds like some account manager trying to meet a quota making a bad deal.


They compete solely on price. They are at a disadvantage in every other way!


We are not FBA seller and are currently feature merchant in wide range of products. So you don’t need to have FBA to be a featured merchant or get Buy Box.


We did not say that you have to be FBA as a Seller with all your items or many of
your items to become
Featured Merchant.

When they Promoted SI Pro Merchant accounts in the autumn of 2009 many of
us did not have a single item in FBA yet we became Featured Merchants.

What we said was that even if they are not Featured Merchants for whatever
reason, as soon as they send in an item to FBA that item is listed among the
Featured Merchant Listings.

Another way to promote FBA.

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