Be aware of this buyer "carkart" and A-to-Z claims



Allen with Amazon here to assist.

I have taken some time to review your post and determined this issue may exceed our ability to best assist here in this space, and we want to make sure your issue is addressed in the best way possible. As such, I have notified the appropriate parties to reach out for further support. I do appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.




Many of these shady book “dropshippers” ( as opposed to the honest but lazy ordinary book dropshippers) employ multiple strategies. They dropship, scrape/spiderlist, list books they do not have, and return bad books ( or no books) for good books. Amazon enables, by not monitoring, these criminals. And they are crawling all over Amazon owned Abebooks now, ruining a previously decent platform for books.
Every bookseller knows this.
Amazon knows this.
Book buyers are quickly catching on to this as well.
Amazon is rapidly destroying its reputation as a source for books.
Shame on Amazon! Shame!


Thanks for all you have said, and said so very well, up thread, about these criminal spiderlister/dropshippers on the platform.


I have received six orders from the user carkart, two of these orders resulted in returns and the package is being returned to me with missing items and damaged beyond belief. I notified car cart on both occasions and let them know that I am aware that they are dropshipping and I would be reporting to Amazon because I am not going to be responsible for their customer returns. I also contacted Amazon Seller Support, they open an investigation and sent me a message affording me the right to refund 0% and removed carkart the ability to file an A to Z claim. Report every single order that results in a return to Amazon, there is an open investigation as of today because they have 16 different Amazon account linked to their business address


No " the appropriate parties" from AMAZON tried to reach me and i honestly didnt expect that kind of seller support …You have support only for customer NOT for sellers …

"CARCART " , they are scammers , they operate out of INDIA (Country) , they have a lot of shell company and accounts in USA and EUROPA via proxy people and the worst part they are doing it for years , just google up and you will see the results…AMAZON ignores the problem as usual and never tried to investigate …Please send all the order numbers and SAFE-T claim numbers your STATE Attorney General , more evidence they have , quicker action they will take .


Dear Amazon sellers,

I appreciated your time reading, replying, and following with my initial thread. Unfortunately, today I had another a-to-z claims with the same drop shipper (account user name is: carkart ) who abuses the Amazon policy and buying-selling community to make profits.

Although I have never had a chance to win the A-to-Z claims against 99% of the Amazon buyers, it does not mean we should keep silence and accept the Amazon decisions.

Now I am trying to learn from other sellers using the seller forum about the similar issues they encountered and how they dealt with that. I hope you can share your feedback with me. I would like to do something to protect good sellers. Thanks!

Jenny Wang


Why are these clowns (carkart-aka Global Logix) allowed to scam the amazon globe? I have considered refusing to sell to it/them/him/whatever and that is strongly advised against by many sellers in the zon world.
Soooooooo, how to deal with blatant and seemingly carte blanche scamism? Hello, Amazon??? Anybody out there besides algorithmic static???


I have been trying to bust these suckers for a while now. They just sent me an “authorization letter” from stating that they have permission to sell my products on walmart. I called Doba, and actually went to their location (empty office). THey said that they are customers of theirs but they never gave them permission or anything to list that item.

They forged the letter.


We are having the same problem with this drop ship buyer. We told him/her many times not reorder from us and we cancelled his/her latest orders but still he/she insist to reorder from us. Amazon is doing nothing to stop him/her.


with all the issues , returns and scams done by that seller… an all the reporting and proof we submit… I’m thinking why on Earth has Amazon
NOT done ANYTHING to STOP them!!! ???We have had issues with them
in the past! Super Annoying a Loss for us Sellers!:-1:t2: Why Have they NOT been
suspended yet? Its Beyond Me… Smh


if you want carkart’s email address and physical address…let me know.


Thanks I’m good I no longer do MFN orders so I guess they removed me from their catalog LOL


what makes me mad is one of the listings they kept buying when I fulfilled my orders was hi-jacked, at the time the photo and item sent were correct what they purchased. Then someone changed the photo (not me) and then carkart aka AMI adventures or whatever they call themselves started opening returns item not as described etc…3-4 I wrote them a message stating it was as listed and someone changed the photo after the purchases were shipped and done.
But lo and behold they opened returns ridiculous because that listing got a high return rate (CX health voice of customer which is total bs)from them! An its flagged as if there is an issue with the item.
Wake Up Amazon there is an issue with this SCAMMER BUYER why have they not suspended them??? I honestly am baffled…


Looks like it took over a year.
But they finally caught him.
He opened a case on me yesterday as item not received… and they denied it. First time I saw one denied. Soni decided to Google his name to see why