Be aware of this buyer "carkart" and A-to-Z claims


I have received an A-to-Z claim from this buyer (amazon user name: carkart). He placed a few orders in the past. Each order’s shipping address has a “PO #” indicating that it is a drop-ship order. In the beginning, I did not mind if he is a business buyer or not. However, recently I received an A-to-Z claim from one of his orders. I realized that I should have avoided selling anything to this type of buyer.

When he sent emails questioning the order’s delivery status a few months ago, I shared a USPS tracking # and detailed shipping info with him immediately. Although USPS delivered the package, he claimed that the package was not received. He cannot provide any evidence since he is not the recipient. No matter much effort I spent on this case. In the end, he still opened an A-to-Z claim. I searched some info related to this buyer id online and found several incidences related to him. He took advantage of Amazon’s policy and third-party sellers to make a profit.

I still lost this A-to-Z claim. It is no surprise that buyers win 100% of A-to-Z claims in my seller account since the Amazon A-to-Z claim team and seller support do not follow Amazon policies. They decided in favor of buyers and immediately closed the case.

For the A-to-Z claim I mentioned earlier, Amazon allows any buyer to submit a claim even the order was delivered five months ago. I explained to amazon that it is impossible to follow up with USPS detailed tracking info after 90 days. As a seller, we cannot get historical records from USPS internal system. Moreover, I responded to the buyer within 24 hours, but the Amazon A-to-Z team never actually read our communications record and responded:

“As the buyer did file a claim, we will still include the claim in your order defect rate and performance metrics. To avoid these claims in the future, please respond promptly to buyer communications to resolve them. If appropriate, refund the buyer within 72 hours of the first buyer contact.”

From their responses, we can see that they want sellers to refund the buyer even though they have not done anything wrong. It is not rational to do so. Why seller has to take losses every time? Why Amazon only believes buyers? I feel very disappointed with the Amazon A-to-Z team and seller support. After selling at Amazon for a decade, I found they have never implemented any policy to support or protect sellers who are also Amazon’s customers.

Hope sellers in this community can work together to take action to protect ourselves, our families, and businesses.

Jenny Wang



Time to open up a postal investigation… they are committing fraud… enough of this the Postal Inspector can require Amazon to furnish the detailed buyer info… not just the recipient that you see???

They regularly scrape, they operate under a variety of different names…

Someone else might be able to illuminate you through private messaging…


They are brought up several times in this thread.


I’m sorry this happened to the OP. Amazon hosed you.

This type of BS is why we cancel all dropship orders and why we wish fellow sellers would do the same. It’s also why Amazon should BAN known, fraudulent dropshipping on the site, whether or not the dropshipper is an Amazon seller or not. Dropshipping causes nothing but problems, especially return and INR fraud, for honest sellers. If more sellers would stand up to these bottom-feeding scum, that would go a long way in taking care of the problem.

And before anyone starts whining, no, I am not talking about legitimate, traditional dropshipping where a seller has an agreement with a manufacturer to ship products. I’m talking about guys sitting in their underwear in mom’s basement who have zero inventory and just scrape data. I’m also talking about large operations, such as well-known operators in Texas and Florida, that claim to sell every book (and in at least one case, everything for sale on Walmart) ever published but actually have none.

EBay has had some success cracking down on dropshipping. I hope Amazon’s recent reminders about the rules is a signal of tough enforcement to come. I believe recent policy changes regarding returns and A-Z claims are the result of actual customers getting cheated by smarmy dropshippers, and now us honest sellers are paying the price. It’s comparable to prices increasing due to shoplifting.


I love having drop shippers buy from us. We simply ship with Amazon’s Buy Shipping. If expensive enough, we’ll add tracking.

Same goes for freight forwarders.


I don’t mind those orders.

I specifically do not leave money on the table when I price. No seller who uses me to drop ship does so unless he is desperate to make a sale.


i get one or two orders from them every month. Most are fine. I recently had one with an issue.

Order placed December 15 (Standard shipping; ship by December 17)
Carkart sends their canned message…

Dear Seller,
Please do not include any invoice with pricing.Please mention the address in the same format provided on the order form. Do not change the address first line.
As soon as you ship the order, help me with confirmation # or tracking #.

I respond with my standard drop shipper message “Sure no problem. Thanks for your order.”

December 16: Order shipped USPS first class (purchased from Amazon buy shipping)
January 5: email from carkart; they have not received the item
I respond with my standard “Item Not Received” email that tells them to file an A-z claim
(They did not file a claim)
January 20: Item is (finally) delivered by USPS
March 23: 90 days from delivery estimate pass (still no A-z claim filed)
April 9: They call Amazon customer service who emails me that the item was not received
I respond with my standard INR email, but modified to say that it actually was delivered.
April 12: The respond that they don’t have it and want a refund.
I respond telling them to file the claim
April 13: They respond saying that they can’t file a claim (which is probably true as 90 days have passed)
I hit “no response necessary”
May 14 A-z filed (details say “customer” which usually indicates that they called to open the claim)
While it wasn’t required, I responded to the A-z

Please note that this seller is a drop-shipper. The item WAS delivered by the USPS to the address on the order–it was delivered to the drop-shipper’s customer on January 20 at 3:18 PM. I understand that the item was late and I will GLADLY accept a return on this item for a full refund. Due to the age of this order, the buyer (drop-shipper) should not be able to file a claim as more than 90 days has passed since the estimated delivery date (12/23/2020) as per Amazon’s A-z policy found here While Amazon and the USPS has purged the delivery information from their websites, you can still confirm the delivery of this item by contacting the USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777. Please deny this claim as per Amazon policy.

Amazon denied and closed the claim.

Drop Shipping Policy reminder

Looks like I’ve had 10 orders from karcart. None in a while though.


That is NOT TRUE for sellers of used books and media, and I think @Lake know this. There are large operations, and individuals who have just watched a YouTube video about how to get rich quick, who NEVER stock one item of inventory, that is their whole, dishonest, predatory business model. Then they commit return fraud after the sale. The dropshippers who order from me are not “desperate” to make a sale – this is how they make EVERY sale. And don’t say “just raise your prices.” That does not work. When there are multiple copies of a used book for sale, many at a low price, it is frequently impossible to compete if you have a higher price. And know that most of these dropshippers ordering used media items have sold the product not on Amazon, but on some other site, for a big markup, to clueless buyers who either don’t want to give their money to Amazon or have some other reason for not shopping around.

This discussion is a perfect example of how wrongheaded it is to have a one-size-fits-all policy structure on a site where multiple types of products are sold. Selling used books is vastly different from selling engine parts, selling food is vastly different from selling clothing, etc. etc. Selling ANY used merchandise is much different from selling new merchandise.

I am SO SICK of people on these boards saying “just raise your prices.” It is not that simple, and it has been pointed out numerous times by those of us who know and who have been victimized by these dishonest crooks – and @Lake knows this, as you have been part of these discussions for years, yet you still criticize or have a very bad memory. There are some EXTREMELY bad actors using dropshipping to sell used books, DVDs and CDs. @Lake, you have stated at least once on these forums that you do not or no longer sell books, but then it seems like you contradict yourself in later posts by talking about bookselling. Are you a dropshipper yourself or just a self-identified expert on everything?

Any seller who has not had a bad experience with a dropshipper is living in a fool’s paradise; it’s only a matter of time before they try to cheat you. My 20 years of selling used media on Amazon has taught me a lot, including that people who dropship used items are, to say the very least, a highly unsavory lot.

See this thread: Drop Shipping Policy reminder


For years, I have sold to booksellers who have been identified on this forum as ripoff artists.

Not often, but infrequently, and covered many of them.

I have never experienced any problem with them.

My books are uncommon, priced high, and graded conservatively. Perhaps that is why I do not have this problem.

I also, always ship with a packing list. Always have, always will.


You are not the only one who follows the rules and uses practices that would seem to deter the ripoff artists, but they are like cockroaches left after a nuclear attack in that they never completely go away, and they love to commit return fraud.

We rarely have the lowest price on any item and price higher based on condition, often much higher.

We also ship with a packing slip, and we include the buyer name and price. It does little to no good in deterring bad actors. What sometimes works is continually cancelling orders from them, but even then they continue to order – sometimes they wait several months or a year, but the larger ones never seem to give up entirely.

BTW, we grade our books very conservatively as well and post pictures of most. This seems to be a signal to dropshippers that they can pass off my used book as new.

I guess some sellers are fine with doing all the work and having others leach off them. I am not. Dropshipping is just dishonest and it gouges the customer, and I do not want to be a part of it.


Hello AmazingGames,

From your post I understand that you have received an A to Z claim which impacted your Order Defect Rate metrics and you need our recommendation on the same.

Before coming to the situation, wanted to give a better clarification as there is no unfair situation whenever an A to Z Claims are being raised as there are certain scenario in why the buyer has raised it. Order Defect Rate are being calculated on the basis of negative feedback and A to Z Claims and A to Z claims is raised when there is no proper understanding between the buyer and the Seller.

The decision parameters varies basis case to case scenario, however the claim is always reviewed in a very neutral manner to check both sides of the transaction.

Sellers on amazon are free to dispute the claim raised on their account by providing

Instead of having the Order Defect Rate updated for the 60-day period, there are two approaches to minimize it:

  • You must increase sales in order to lower the defect rate.
  • If the problem between you and the customer is resolved, the buyer has the option to withdraw the claim.

And if you feel that there are some manipulation occurring in your account I would recommend you to reach out to seller support team and report the issue you can get support within Seller Central through Contact Us.

If you feel that there are some policies that consider unfair to get implement with the sellers i would recommend you to voice it out with seller support team so it can be taken into the consideration.

Hope this answers your query!!



This thread content is about dropshippers not customers.

Amazon announced they were cracking down on this on this. May 21st News on Drop Shipping Policy Reminder Further conversation on this problem is available in the forum linked to that announcement.


By providing what?


This thread content is about dropshippers not customers.

This Mona person is really on a roll today. :roll_eyes: Everything she’s (?) posted has been utterly useless.

I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while…

Has anyone considered that the main purpose behind the ‘Account Health’ members’ existence could be just to test how stupid and/or gullible the selling community really IS?

It feels more and more like we’re mere monkeys / mice / lab rats in an ongoing Amazon experiment to observe exactly how willing people are to believe “we’re here to help you” or whatever specific piece of BS Amazon is selling.

The forums have taught me that a lot of sellers are much more foolish than I would have expected a random group of humans to be. The worried posts about what to do with the annoying boxes on the main page that tell you - you have refunds to take care of, or you should do this or that - always surprise me. There are apparently a LOT of people who still look at the Seller Central main page. Why would anyone? There stopped being any useful information there once Amazon adopted the box-explosion approach.

I haven’t accessed that page since, and am quite surprised at the number of people who still seem to.

Personally, I wonder if the presence of completely useless posts by people with ‘Account Health’ next to their names, isn’t just a test to see how far into “unhelpful” they can go and have us still thank them for their efforts.

Stop being so gullible people!


Was the original contact within A2z time limits?

He does not have to.

There is little to no effort required for an INR case. If you used Amazon Buy shipping, refer them to file INR. If you did not use AMZ shipping, you can try to stall for a couple days asking them to look around, ask neighbors, contact local post office for gps delivery information, etc. But within 48 hours I would refund no questions asked or you will probably lose A2Z.

I understand why if you are interacting with them asking for evidence of non delivery.

Amazon told you where you messed up. You failed to refund within 72 hours of first contact. You asked them for evidence of non delivery. Buyer never responded so you forgot about it. Buyer wins A2Z.

My recommendation if you want to start winning A2Z’s:

  1. Use Amazon Buy shipping.

  2. When a buyer contacts you concerning an item not received, send the following email template within 24 hours:

You may be eligible to request a refund under the A-to-z Guarantee if “You have not received your package and three days have passed since the maximum estimated delivery date or the tracking shows a delivery confirmation, whichever is sooner. Note: Amazon also require you to wait 48 hours after contacting the seller before you are eligible to request a refund.”

Requesting an A-to-z Guarantee Refund

To request a refund on an eligible order on a computer:

1. Go to Your Orders .
2. Locate your order in the list and click Problem with order.
3. Select “Package didn’t arrive” from the list.
4. Select Request refund.
5. Enter your comments in the text box.
6. Select Submit

To request a refund on an eligible order using a MOBILE device or CELL PHONE:

1. Call 1-888-280-4331 or use Amazon’s mobile app to connect to Customer Support.
2. Report that you “did not receive” your order.
3. Request a refund.

Note: Refund requests can take up to one week to investigate. Amazon will notify you of their decision via the email address associated with your account. To view the status of your request, locate your order in the list on the Your Orders page and select Problem with order.

To receive the maximum refund allowed you need to select “Package didn’t arrive”

If you require further assistance, please call 1 (888) 280-4331, and refer to Order #[ORDER_ID]


One caveat, and it is the only A2Z I have lost. VERIFY your tracking shows an acceptance scan by USPS on or before Ship By Date. If it does not have an acceptance scan on or before Ship By Date, refund the order no questions asked.



I don’t access the main page I just keep a few tabs open to Page’s I might need like inventory, orders, maybe a couple I forgot to close…

Along with all the other marketplaces I use elsewhere…

This is why you buy the maximum amount of ram when you get a computer so you can have unlimited Pages open…


I’m seeing a pending FBA order for 6 units, the last 6 of this variation. It looks like its the karcart drop shipper as it has the PO #.

Even though its a risk there are some benefits associated with this order, my sell through will go up thus my ip score will increase and the product bsr will improve.

Suppose there is a return/refund for these 6 units, overall combined karcart orders have been a net positive.


Interesting: I received two orders from this dropshipper this weekend.


Your Support is USELESS and you know that better !!!

The Same Drop Shipper Carcart , bougth the same item 45 times and returned 10 times with Inaccurate Description Reason , i lost all the Safe-T claims…and you made this Refund at Scan First B.S to make easier for scammers …

But I sent all the details to New York State Attorney General , i will fellow up with them…Someone has to stop AMAZON ,you came up with 30 days return windows and the same Drop Shipper after 45 days returns the item and gets the money back with false Reason . I sent all the evidence to Attorney General , hopefully they will do something …