Barcode scanner for books


I read that there are barcode (UPC) scanners for books to use at book, garage sales etc. Can anyone give me any information about them or any recommendations as to the type to use ? Right now my purchases to stock my inventory are hit or miss…with the misses being financially painful.

Thanks for any help and advice.


Many use them (although not I). If you don’t receive answers in here soon, just do a forum search. They have been discussed several times.


If you need one then you do not know anything about books. If you cant use your brain you should not be selling books. PERIOD.


LOL! Sounds like sour grapes to me.


Thanks for your reply…I am new and trying to learn some things. I guess you missed out on the “peace on earth, goodwill to men…” of a few short weeks ago. The forums are to gain knowledge not insult others. I am not familiar with bar code scanners for books and want advice…that’s all. God bless you…


If you have a “Smart Phone”, there are apps you can download, that will scan barcodes. The Amazon app. is pretty good and it’s free.
As for a stand alone scanner, connected to any sort of database, I’ve never heard of one.
Ignore these people with their smarta**e/negative responses - even Amazon boards have trolls.


Go to youtube and search for book scouting some very good videos on there.

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Just use a smart phone and the Amazon app. But thrift stores aren’t the best places to get books. You should find places to buy them in bulk. Generally, I give 3/4 of my books to thrift stores because they are better for local sales than online. I feel sorry for the people who try to scan or eyeball those books then resell them online. I’ve given many books that look like they’d be worth something online to many experienced eyes. I’ve even been at one thrift store when an “experienced” online book seller thought they hit the jackpot with my discarded books. I tried to tell him, but he didn’t listen. I’ve also received many books that looked worthless that were not.

When I buy in bulk, I’ll scan a few items until I get to a point where I know I can offer a reasonable figure. I almost always give more money than other book sellers are willing to when buying in bulk and that pays off because I get more referrals. And some of those referrals lead to many more books offered for just the price of gas to come and get them.


I use one on my iPhone. It’s free and called pic2shop. It is not perfect, but helps a lot. Sometimes you may miss to buy a good book, but will help you to avoid buying worthless books.
There are 2 more apps that I am aware of: Bakodo and RedLaser. Try them all out, and choose which one is best for you.


lol nobody cares what you think.


Scanners do miss out on older books and signed books. I’ve seen scanner running down a row of books and missing some great buys.

The best bet is educating yourself and finding genres that you have knowledge and can be successful.

Welcome and good selling.


Just cause someone uses a scanner does not mean that can’t sell books… I use my brain and scanners Why? because old books are harder to scan. Yes you can use both, sound to me like you can’t handle the competition.


If you are just starting out, and new to the book sales then i would use the smart phone app till you build enough base income to support the cost of the scanner. I have both but find the smart phone app works good enough…


Better to learn what sells and what doesn’t by title. Trial and error, if you really want to know what you are doing.


Yes…He sure could have said it better. Bar Code scanners may have a place, but during some book sales I have been to, it looks rather comical to see some people using them. For example…library bag sales…WHY use a scanner there?

It IS better to know what you are doing and use any scanning partially…in my opinion.

A balanced combo makes sense. It all depends on how much you are paying for your inventory.


I’ve used a smartphone app called Pocket Profit for a few years now, and find it to be perfect for garage sale shopping. Works on any android smart phone with a camera. It will load an app called barcode scanner. The app is very reasonable in price. Amazon’s android app is good also, has a free scanner, but makes you go through two or three steps to get to the pricing, AND will only show the first 20 books listed for sale.


If you need one then you do not know anything about books. If you cant use your brain you should not be selling books. PERIOD.

If YOU’RE not using one, you probably have a lot of worthless inventory.


You can clearly do both, so if you want to be handicapped that’s your choice.


Thinking of getting one too. But sales often discourage them because they reduce buying, when shoppers see that books sell online for less than the book sale price.


Thanks for the advice…yes negativity does occur on the forums at times and I’ve always wondered why the meanness occurs and why we do not treat each other better. Obviously since we are fairly anonymous it gives (some) people license to practice their “road rage” instead of cutting another human being some slack if they ask an innocuous or yes, sometimes repetitive, question.
We cry when there are terrorist attacks such as those in Paris, New York or elsewhere but we fail to see that that EVERY type of evil that is spewed by us individually whether large or small through words and deeds towards each other on a daily basis…it all adds up…and is truly sad.

Let there be peace on earth…