Bancolombia promo


same here, no idea how or what the heck?? Amazon looks like got hacked ha


I’m seeing the same thing on all products, everywhere!


same here


I’m wondering they were actually hacked.

ALL of our items currently show this promotion, and what’s scary is that under the promotion details it also states: “The benefit for this promotion will not be reflected on the final order checkout page. The merchant will apply any benefit after your order has been processed”.

If Amazon isn’t footing the bill we’re all going to have a bunch of really unhappy customers soon…


Well they better compensate sellers or take action FAST as sellers are keep getting orders I am sure…


Amazon is working on it and acknowledges it is a broad problem affecting multiple sellers and categories.


same here…almost all the listings on amazon having this offer


Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t work.

However, it does appear to be a hack and that is not good news for anyone…


Please go for the next president election, will vote for you :slight_smile:


Same here. Weird.


I am thrilled the promo blurb is moving back to the buy-box rather than being hidden “below the fold”.

I’m hoping this is just a poorly thought out “placeholder” promo that IT-Ivan used to test the new promo location.


I was just about to post a topic about this myself. Very strange. The coupon code would be offensive to Columbians I’m sure.


Is it possible that BANCOLOMBIA is running an advertisement by sponsoring the promotion?


It is referencing Colombia’s largest bank and should not be considered racist. Wondering if this was a promo meant for the platform in another market, maybe to do with a sporting event of some sort?. Bizarre.


I imagine most Colombians realize it’s a financial institution

Edit to add (for explanation): “banco” is Spanish for bank


Very strange placement/target if so


same here. I thought it was a real promotion and were shocked when I saw it under my products


Same here… all my listings on amazon having this offer ( FBM and FBA )


Can we not make this political? Because people will flag and then cause the thread to auto lock. :roll_eyes:


I guess. I was seeing it as “Ban Columbia”, as if someone has something against the country.