Bad customer service from MWS Support



I have a case that has been open for over 40 days to get my MWS credentials activated and no one at Amazon CS has taken any action on it. Has anyone else had a similar experience and is there any way I can escalate it? I keep getting the run around if I open other tickets and reference this case, or they don’t get back to me at all. I’ve never had such terrible service from Amazon customer support.



Amazon Customer Service doesn’t handle MWS support. What problem are you having to get your MWS credentials activated? I believe it should be fairly simple to open your account at Are you trying to link a existing application or develop a application?


I already have an MWS developer account and it was deactivated because I haven’t made an API call in more then 90 days. They now have a vetting process to get your MWS credentials reinstated and you need to open up a new case and answer a questionnaire. I have a case open since April 17th and the status is “Pending Amazon Action”. My MWS keys are disabled.


Actually I just checked and it’s active! We can close this case!


Glad to hear that.


I’ve been waiting since Feb 21. I did post a message on the case over a week ago asking for my Developer ID to be reactivated during the review process because it is taking so long. I checked just now, and my Developer ID is now “Active”. I do have access to PII. I received no notice that my ID had been activated.

My case is still open, and I assume the case will continue and I will eventually need to meet with a Solutions Architect to maintain access to PII, so I’m not closing my case.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies
Seattle Washington USA


Hi David,

I"m interested to learn of your experience. We’re in a similar situation. We’ve been trying to get through the dev reg vetting process since February. Our last interaction with MWS dev reg vetting was in mid-July. We wrote integration for only one 3PL’s exclusive use - we don’t resell the integration at this time - and cannot get to the Solution Architect meeting / final step (I assume). Our client is starting to get frantic, fearing API access will be shut down just before the holiday shopping season. Wonder if you have any insight into what is going on with MWS developer support?