AZ claim and multi-channel reimbursement have different standard?


We had an order from Amazon, seller fulfilled, but we shipped it from Amazon via multi-channel. The carrier info says it was delivered, but buyer claimed not received, and raised AZ claim, claim granted, and ODR impacted. But multi-channel says it was delivered, so no reimbursement.
We raised several cases about this, but ball was kicked back and forth, and this is not the first order that has this situation.
Product losted, inventory deducted, multi-channel fee paid, buyer refunded, account impacted, and nobody cares? Anybody has a solution about this situation?


You probably did not have tracking if Amazon used internal shipping methods. How did they ship it and how did you enter it and was it on time?

Why on earth did you not just manage your listings so this went FBA, and you would not have this issue?


It was UPS, and delivered on time.


Was it shipped on time and entered on time into the system? Being you did not buy shipping through the program, you do not get the protections. You are kind of out of luck.

Not sure why any seller would do such a convoluted setup, when FBA would have handled the whole thing as intended.


Do you have the experience that Amazon relabelled your product, and sent wrong items to buyers?
Do you have the experience that buyer replaced your product with something else, and returned it and got fully refunded?


Yup and is almost always happened when we mixed items in shipments and Amazon could not tell the difference. We have never had it happen when we send in one SKU/ASIN/UPC per shipment to be labeled.

Yup, all the time. Daily if not weekly. That is what this tool is for. Learn to use it.


Thank you. We did label every item, the thing is our correct label was replaced by some wrong label, we dont know who and how and why they would cover the right label.
I shouldn’t complain, but removing the wrong labelled items? That is some extra cost.

I know, stop complaining and improve yourself.


It is not always the sellers fault. Ensure you check and make sure your bar codes meet all FBA labeling requirements.

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