Automatically suspended after updating Deposit Method


On Friday, March 31, I have updated my Deposit Method banking details. Immediately after that my account was suspended.

In panic and shocked, I have done what I now understand was a really bad idea. Using the Contact Us form (which was limited to write only on my account suspension issue), I have written a very basic message like: “Hello, my account is suspended after updating deposit method. Please help. Thanks!”

A few minutes after, when my brain started to think, I have read carefully the notification about removing selling privileges, and the following reason was mentioned there: “You have opened a new account after we removed your option to sell on our site. This is against our policies. As a result, you may no longer sell on, and your listings have been removed from our site.”

In the meanwhile, Amazon has replied to my first message in and:

“We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we have decided that you may not sell on

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.”

That’s when I understood I’m in real trouble.

The problem is that never in my life I didn’t have another seller account, and no one from my household too. I’m fully aware it’s against Amazon policies (unless you have a valid business reason for second account and you get approval first), so I would never do that.

The problem is likely to be in the following: I’m not from the US and in order to receive ACH payments from Amazon, I use a service similar to Payoneer or World First. Basically, they give you account number, routing number and their business name, you add these details to Amazon (or any other platform that you need to receive payments from), and you’re all set. What might be the problem is that all users of that service share same Account Holder Name (company name of this service), routing number and account number.

I’ve used this service with Amazon without an issue, for maybe 8 months since I started selling. Now this service had to switch to another bank, and have sent an email to all its users to update their banking details, or payments will go nowhere. It looks like some other user of same service was banned from selling on Amazon, and since we share same banking details, this affected me, too. Again, I’m not 100% sure that’s the reason, but the scenario is very realistic.

Same day I have submitted an appeal explaining all this. I should have received a reply on this appeal on April 1st, but didn’t.

Next day, sent an email to seller-performance with even more details and a user agreement with service, based on which I use their bank credentials.

Another day, I have sent same email to seller-performance-policy. Again, no reply.

Since I didn’t receive any confirmations that my emails are received, I have decided to use Amazon’s Contact US form in my seller’s account to write the same again - immediately I have received an automatic reply that a new case has been created, but again, silence since then.

In the meanwhile, I’m calling Seller Support almost daily, but they can’t help.

What I should do, how to prove to Amazon I only have one account? Should I delete both Deposit Methods (old and new one, both related to this service) and another bank’s account, now owned 100% by me?


Unluckiest Seller Ever? Suspended again, for what I never did

Being a Foreign Seller Likely Not Helping Your Case…


You’re going to need to prove that this is your only account.
Contact them with your ACH payment issues, with the details your provided above.

Contact SusanH@SellerSupport on the forums, see if she can give you some options as per Seller Support will not be able to help you with this situation.


As Amazon will not divulge information on the other account or why they believe it’s related to you, you are at a loss in explaining why it actually isn’t. They’ve put you between a rock and a hard place, and one that is difficult to get out of unscathed.

This is exactly the sort of reason why one should be selling through as many venues/distribution channels as possible. Because with any venue/marketplace we are at their mercy as 3rd party sellers, with little to no recourse if they decide to suspend our account, for whatever reason, with merit or not.


Yes it sounds great in theory, until you update your deposit information only to find it’s triggered an account review, that then leads to your account being suspended for another reason… like Amazon suspects that you are related to another account in violation of policy, but won’t divulge why or how they’ve deduced that, so that you can directly address their concerns and explain why they are mistaken. I don’t see how anyone can prove to Amazon’s satisfaction that they aren’t related to another account under these sorts of circumstances, where they will not divulge any information regarding the accusation they are making? at best you are left to guess what the true problem might be (like the OP) and throw bleep at the wall and hope it sticks.


In the meanwhile,

I have finally received some reply from Amazon:


We reviewed your account, and we have decided that you may not sell on

We found that your account is related to another account that may not be used to sell on the site. Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide details on our investigation methods.

Please ship any open orders. If you have any funds in your account, they will be available after any amounts paid for A-to-z claims or chargebacks on your orders have been deducted. This usually takes about 90 days, but funds may be held longer.

You can see your balance and settlement information in the Payments section of Seller Central. If you have questions about those, please send an email to


Seller Performance Team

Any suggestions on further strategy? Thanks!


I think it is a GREAT thing that accounts are put into a review, after banking deposit changes

That way, if an account is hacked, they will have a harder time being able to steal funds


One suggestion, contact the 3rd party handling your deposits and try to find out if other customers are experiencing the same issue. You need all the additional information you can get, and Amazon isn’t going to give it to you. Perhaps get an official letter from them explaining how their service works? If it is as you describe and they have one deposit account for all customers, that they then forward to individual accounts of each customer based on the deposit information provided by Amazon? I have no idea if it will carry any merit with Amazon, or if such deposit methods are in violation of Amazon policy in itself? But i’d definitely call them up and try to find out if there is an ongoing issue for Amazon sellers that’s resulted from their changing their deposit account information.


Gift Guru, any suggestions on how to prove I have only one account?

Thanks for the tip, will definitely reach SusanH@SellerSupport!

I have contacted them countless times with all the details, as well as signed user agreement between me and payment service in question, as per which I use their banking details.

WWJBD, when I first added my bank details in June last year, my account was automatically suspended and put on review - once checked, unsuspended almost instantly. I didn’t even contact anyone to get this resolved. Now it’s a whole different story - my account is not on review, instead I have my selling privileges removed and listings removed too. I’m accused of having another account, when I have never even attempted to create one, and no one from my household/family too! I have submitted a very detailed explanation to every email / contact form possible. Multiple Seller Support associates tell me that based on my explanations they would have reinstated me, but they don’t have such power. As you can see, my situation is very far from being great.

Indy, exactly true! If an actual human from Seller Performance would call me - I could explain the whole situation in 2-3 minutes, but it seems no one is reading long letters with explanations.


Indy, thanks for your suggestions!

I have contacted 3rd party payment service the same exact day I was suspended, and they told me that no other users have complained about Amazon suspensions. From the other side, I don’t think many sellers use their service, mostly Amazon affiliates. But I will definitely contact them again to see if someone has experience same problems them since Friday, last week.

As for whether using such service as deposit method can be considered a policy violation by itself, good question! Again, the same day I was suspended I have asked a seller support associate about this, and she replied “definitely not prohibited, many of Amazon sellers use services like that”. Maybe Seller Performance team has a different view on this. I hope we will learn soon.

Again, previous banking details I have used were also associated with this same service - Account Holder Name is same (their company name), but only bank name, routing number and account number were different. My guess is that should there be a problem with it, I wouldn’t have been reinstated once I first added their details.

What is also unclear for me, is why suspension happened after adding NEW banking details. Should there be a link between my account and some other account (another account that may not be used to sell on the site), I should have been suspended once this link has been identified by Amazon robots - or when that other account was suspended. But for some reason, only this recent update of deposit method has raised a red flag in their system.


Do you think it is possible that this company gave you the exact deposit information that they gave to another client? If that is case, it could appear that you are depositing into one bank account from two different seller accounts.


Crystal Griffin Home , it’s not only possible, but that is how services like this operate. They have one bank account and give its credentials to all their users. However, it wasn’t a problem for Amazon until now.


While there’s nothing new on this issue, I have some questions, maybe you can help:

  1. Yesterday’s email from amazon-seller-performance came with subject line “Your Inquiry” - does this mean that they were replying to my inquiry to Seller Support through phone, and not the actual case(s) or appeal?

  2. If I remove deposit methods from my account right now - will it be considered as an attempt to cover the tracks? It looks like someone from Seller Performance is opening my case, looks at my account, there is red flag for related accounts because of same deposit methods, closes the case and sends another generic email. If there will be no deposit method on file to raise their concern, will it work differently, or once flagged, there’s no sense to do anything else?

  3. Since my appeal is not answered (due on April 1st) - when they reply on appeal itself - what do I see in my performance notifications? My guess is that although I have received an email from them yesterday, it was not a reply on appeal, but rather on seller support inquiry via phone, which thanks to associate handling the case, had very limited details attached.



We faced the same issue! Just updated the depositing bank to WorldFirst a few days ago, and now account suspended by Amazon for Account Confirmation.

So how did you case go? Did you manage to resolve it?



My account is still suspended, and after months of trying to get it back, it looks I will give it up.

I have contacted / called Amazon at least a million times, wrote Jeff Bezos (and received a reply), and still can’t sell.

What do you mean by Amazon Confirmation?


Your case is different.

Amazon’s procedures have recently changed.

Posting on an old thread was inappropriate.

When Amazon successfully completes its Account Confirmation process, your account is likely to be reinstated.

Security procedures have been tightened.


In choosing between World First and Payoneer, I believe Payoneer is a safer choice since it is working with Amazon for disbursements. As far as I know, Payoneer will set up a bank account under your legal name so there should be no problem matching bank account name with your Seller account name.


With regard to the suspension, Amazon is more interested in hearing your solution than excuses. So be ready to have a US bank account under your name if you plan on receiving payments from Amazon in the future.

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