Automatic Campaigns no Impressions!


I’ve opened automatic campaigns for my new 3 products, and it is 2 days now with 0 impressions, what should I do?


How have you set the bid?
Try to set it using this formula Bid = Average Selling Price * Conversion rate * Target ACoS.

Selling price: 30$
Conversion rate = orders / clicks (30 days) = 5%
Target ACOS: 30%
Bid = 30$ * 0.05 * 0.30 = 0.45$



Thanks for your help.

I’ve solved the problem by sending the product to FBA to win the buy box. I had no featured offer without the buy box.

I’ve one more question if you could help me. I’m managing the account from Europe, my campaigns running out of budget when it is still 11 am in the US, what should I do? Could I pause it and enable it when it is the middle of the day?