Automate Pricing - Not working


Automate Pricing - Not working

I have an active pricing rule and it is clearly not adjusting. (Others rules are working, but this one is not.) Anyone else experience this?


I’ve noticed this for a few days already.
And apparently Amazon’s automatic repricing is pretty instantaneous.


Auto repricing does not happen instantaneously.


I have a problem with automatic pricing that if I manually change the price to an amount out of the parameters I set up in automatic pricing the listing gets closed for a potential pricing error. This is stupid as if I enter a price I obviously don’t care about the pricing rule I had created previously.


Reference: so far (2 months) it has done a good job lowering the price and winning the BB but it fails to adjust upwards -
1 reason may be since it is based on BUYBOX, maybe if you are currently winning the BB it leaves the price alone.


I’m seeing the same thing. It will lower the price but not raise it when someone who is priced the same as you runs out. That leaves you less than everyone…Sometimes by a few dollars which cuts into profits. I hope Amazon fixes this


Yeah, I’m seeing this too with the new Automate Pricing tool - failure to price upward. Basically the repricer is repricing against your own price. This is actually easy to avoid doing, so I don’t understand why their basic repricer doesn’t have this functionality.

Frustrating, but perhaps that’s why it’s still in Beta testing phase.


The pricing rule is designed to catch erroneous prices. If you inadvertently type a price that is out of line it catches it. So for it to be useful you have to adjust the rule before entering a price that is out of bounds. Otherwise why have a rule at all. Of course it could ask you if you wish to change the rule and make it a one step process.


I set it up on Friday and I couldn’t get it to work.
Gave up and am now back to adjusting manually .

Seller Support had no clue as to why or what was going on, but he assured me that I did everything right (If I can count on that).


You will get the pricing error if you put your price below your minimum price for the product.
This will happen regardless of whether you enter the price manually or your using automatic pricing.

Your minimum price needs to be lower or the same as your current price at all times.
If you get the error, just adjust your minimum price.


If you manually change a price AFTER you set up a rule in automate pricing; it will pause the rule.
You will need to reactivate the rule.

Its possible that you manually changed it and weren’t aware of this.


Not sure where you get that idea. We’re not who you think we are.

The price definitely moved up when a competitor repriced upwards after trying to bait our price below cost.

It raised maybe 10%. It could have been raised higher.


I think Amazon’s own repricer is just using a MWS Products API call to the “getcompetitivepricingforSKU” function, which returns, most of the time, what’s in the buybox. And if there isn’t a buybox offer, it will return a used item price or sometimes nothing at all.

A repricer based only on a call to this function cannot possibly create richer repricing behavior which is what most people expect after having experimented with 3rd party repricers.

So for now, I suggest only using this repricer for a small subset of your SKUs. Even so, it’s still important to micromanage those SKUs you choose to have repriced using this tool. You may get caught out in the cold with the lowest price by several dollars while your competitors wait for you to sell out. Just be careful.


It has adjusted upwards for every product we have tested using it. It will not raise the price to your top limit though, just a bit higher.


You are probably seeing price moves upwards because you aren’t using FBA to sell your items. Am I right that you are only selling merchant-fulfilled?


Never liked the concept of auto-pricers. Perhaps I don’t know that much about them.

If a seller changes their price to 2 cents form $2.00 to one cent, does that mean that the auto-pricer will take the price to a penny?

Can the auto-pricer tall the difference between and Acceptable or Good and Like New Product?

If you have a near mint CD with inserts and someone listed their CD without inserts for a penny, would it make your copy a penny too?

Too many times, I have seen auto-pricers help customers but hurt sellers by rapidly taking a product to ridiculously low prices because one person with inferior product and seller rating priced low and all the auto-pricers followed.


I didn’t attempt to look you up. How would I look up your storefront, anyways?
Which category are you in?
I am in the BMVD category, but perhaps you are seeing different behavior because you are in a different category, such as electronics.

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