Auto-return question: if I send a replacement, can I stop the refund?


A customer contacted CS saying that we sent the wrong item. Turns out we did. Oops. We contacted the customer and told her that we would send the proper item ASAP. Usually we refund instead of sending replacements for all the usual reasons, but for various reasons we made an exception in this case. However, the CS rep initiated an auto-return to get the customer a prepaid label, and the incorrect item just came back. Is there any way to stop Amazon from auto-issuing a refund? If not I may have to give a partial refund and tell the customer its a discount for their troubles and patience, which I may do anyway, but I would like to at least know if it’s possible to cancel the refund process.


Absolutely NOT


I know, but sometimes its warranted.

So I guess I need to rephrase the question: Since I have to issue a refund, is there a minimum I must refund? I know policy is that I can withhold up 20% for a restocking fee, and 50% if it’s damaged, but I’d really like to withhold more like 80%.


This is just one of the negatives of the auto-return, no options for sellers to stop it, make it right or anything else.

Why I feel we should be allowed to OPT OUT if we have a good track record of very few returns or other issues and only the sellers that do nothing or have a lot of complaints should be kept in the auto-return.

My opinion and others will not agree as is their right.


Nope. Amazon does not recognize replacements in any form, once you open that Pandora box it would reek havoc.


Restock policy allows a maximum of 50% of the product cost as a restock fee. You can then also deduct shipping costs, if the buyer paid shipping; if you offered free shipping you cannot add an additional amount for actual shipping costs.

To withhold more than that, you need to setup and sell on your own ecommerce site where you can set your own policies, otherwise you need to meet or offer better terms than Amazon when selling on Amazon.

With respect to replacements, warranted or not, Amazon has never required a seller to do this, nor have they designed a way to do it and track it within Seller Central. Amazon has always recommended, refunding and having the buyer place a new order.


Sending a replacement was a case-specific customer service decision, and I knew when I did it that it wasn’t covered by Amazon, and that I was taking a certain amount of risk with this order. In the end, I felt it was worth the risks. I didn’t take into account that I would also be refunding half the order as well, since I thought I would be issuing a return label instead of a CS rep doing behind my back.


Best practice here is to request that they reorder the part and return the incorrect shipment. Let them know you’re sorry and that they will be fully refunded for their first order. If you send a replacement without a new order, you’ll be vulnerable to an automatic refund for the original order if they send it back. Plus you’ll likely lose an A-Z if it comes to that.


This is just one more example where Amazon’s new auto return policies serve neither buyers or sellers. Before automated returns, the buyer and seller could decide on the best mutually satisfactory option to solve a problem. I

It might be a return, but it might equally be a price concession, a replacement, a replacement of only a small part, ie. a screw that was missing in the package, etc.

The point is that by intruding before the seller has a chance to contact the customer, Amazon muddies the waters in a way that benefits nobody.

In this case, since the buyer already has the replacement, and is about to get a refund also, I’d contact the buyer and ask if he’d send a payment (refund the refund) in a spirit of fairness. As noted, I’d offer a discount, and negotiate something both agreed was fair.


once the customer uses the label auto refund will kick in 2 days after receipt. But a 1 cent refund will stop the process

customer sent back item not bought from us. a 1 cent refund stopped the refund process


While MAV is correct, the only way to stop an auto refund is to issue some sort of refund to a buyer. That being said, since the customer is expecting a replacement and NOT a refund, you can also issue a $1 concession refund, which will stop the auto refund. Also if the customer sent the item back with instructions in the retuen, asking for a replacement and not a refund, Amazon’s system will NOT require the refund.

I know this cause we have had a few customers ask for replacements and not refunds, and once the item was returned, an auto refund never occured and we shipped replacements.

I can only see the issue with refunding too little when the customer is expecting a full refund of sorts and complains to amazon… personally I dont think amazon cares, until a customer shows an issue with it.

Again though, MAV has give the “policies” answer.


Issue a penny for refund or you can do more and that will stop the full refund.


One of the Safe-T Claim options is, “Replacement Sent”.


“… but I’d really like to withhold more like 80%…” It was your error, you should refund 100%.


Sellers and buyer can still communicate, the return process starts when the package is scanned at the first time…so, if communication is successful, the buyer is not obligated to send the item back.


For someone who wants to quote policy you sure are asking a pretty easy to answer question. No, you can’t stop the auto refund. You are subject to an A-Z if the customer wants to play games. The discussions about stopping an auto refund has been shown to not work every time.

I thought you were the policy Fuhrer


I do not think this is correct. We posted last week about a customer sending us the wrong part back (they sent us an order they bought from someone else). We were in contact with the buyer and trying to buy a few days for them to get it settled.

I think MAV said to refund a $0.01 to stop the auto refund (which we did). Sure enough, a few days later…Amazon still automatically refunded the rest. Thus, I do not know this works any longer. Another oddity was that it was a buyer remorse return. Amazon did not refund the entire amount but rather only the item price minus the cost of the shipping label minus the $0.01. They did not refund the original ship charge and they deducted for the return shipping label (in the past, they were refunding everything and not deducting for the return ship label).

I have filed a Safe-T claim insisting Amazon refund us back the amount they debited as the buyer (of course) never ended up getting back to us in the end.


+You can OPT-OUT, by requesting exemptions (up to 49,999 SKUs at a time), by using the following process:+ Requesting an exemption

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