Australia to US - Build International Listings Problem


Hi everyone

I’m having trouble with the Build International Listings (BIL) tool. My listings are in the Australian marketplace (source) and I want to sell them in the US marketplace too.

I used the BIL and I got an error saying the ASINs do not currently exist in my target marketplace and I need to create them there. There are 4 steps listed to do - 1. Download an inventory report. 2. Fill in missing details. 3. Work with translation provider. 4. Upload inventory. Or just create the ASINs manually.

I’ve contacted support multiple times and keep getting redirected to an information page on how to BIL. Very frustrating as you can imagine.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with how to create the ASINs in the US marketplace so my listings can come across from Australia?

Many thanks


I’m having the same issue except --> I’ve tried it from every angle and no success. The meatheads at support have nothing but gibberish to say about it. Seems like they have no idea so they just keep closing the case on me and I have to re-open.

My products have a GTIN exemption on .ca and are my own brand in the health category. Perhaps this is contributing to the problem somehow.

Have been at this for nearly two months now with zero help from support.


I am having the same issue from AU to US.

I even added the product to the US catalog and when it asked if it was my product (it is) I was notified I couldn’t list that product in the US (using the AU FBA inventory).

Support provided a response that did not help whatsoever.

If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated!!