Attitude In Seller Forums


@eworkshop - I am open to my opinion, whether you want to participate in it or not it for you to decide.

253 people don’t think this was a waste of time. On the contrary, I think they agree with the OP.


This is what I was referring to:


Did he help the OP with a solution? Yes or no?

No, of course. But did I miss something here? Are you suggesting that anyone who misunderstands a question, or posts an answer that is simply unhelpful should now be admonished? I thought we were talking about inappropriate and rude replies.

His answer addressed what OP asked. What OP actually meant to ask didn’t come across clearly. As a result, he didn’t get relevant answers.

I’m sure you know the computer phrase GIGO - garbage in, garbage out. That’s all that happened in that thread. The original question wasn’t clear, so the replies weren’t relevant - and people treated OP as if his request was unreasonable, which it seemed to be, based on how it was worded.

When someone came along who guessed correctly at what OP was trying to ask, then he got the answer he needed. But if you don’t explain yourself correctly, you force people to try and guess at what you mean. Some are bound to be wrong, but that’s not grounds for punishment.


I asked a simple yes or no question, you answered with a “no”. Thank you.


@papyrophilia - Because it needed to be cleaned. I apologize about my poor choice of words but there’s no reason to close it. unless you think otherwise?


@bookwormapril - A great example of why this thread exist.
Actually, it is hard to type. I have developed minor arthritis over the years.

I think if you would have suppressed that opening sentence, this thread would not exist.


Please everybody stop… or the world wide web will crash…………


@Elusive - Em I not supposed to have control of my thread?

The thread needed correction NOT termination.


And you object to that? OP obviously didn’t write that POA, and the POA sounded ridiculous (note: I said the “POA” that OP bought or found sounded ridiculous, not that OP himself did), and that OP wouldn’t want to submit a document that sounded so ridiculous as his appeal.

we will consult with our lawyer just to be safe

I don’t believe you have a lawyer, and I’m sure I’ve read this identical BS line in a bunch of other copy-and-paste appeals.

Right, I was telling him that this was my reaction to reading that appeal - that it sounded utterly ridiculous and not believable. If a random person (me) had that reaction to it, that’s also the way the folks at Amazon would react, and that’s not the way you want someone to react to you when you’re trying to get reinstated, right?

Other people seemed to understand that my message to him was - this makes you sound foolish and insincere and that’s not how you want to present yourself.

People draw certain conclusions based on how stuff is written and what is said. When you are clearly a small-potatoes seller (nothing wrong with that, just using it as an adjective, not a criticism), and then start talking about having a lawyer to consult, it’s not believable. It doesn’t add up. I was pointing that out. When you say things that don’t add up, you are telling Amazon - I’m lying to you, I’m not taking this seriously, I’m making up random stuff because I think that’s what you want to hear. When you’re trying to get reinstated, that’s not the way to go about it.


You didn’t help the poor seller, just blasted him to outer space and made him feel like he is nothing.


@Chris_Amazon - Thank you for the support.

I appreciate you and your team for taking the time to make the proper corrections and keeping this thread alive.


My personal opinion is that we should all be the change we want to see. None of us are perfect–people or posters–and we all have bad days. A thread like this doesn’t point towards what should be and leaves openings for personal call-outs, issues with preferences versus problems, and vengefulness.

I personally prefer @Rushdie’s approach with their thread Forum Etiquette or exploration of the Discourse platform’s Universal Rules of Civilized Discourse for Forums.

Thanks for asking, @LooseCannon.

And if this is what you truly believe…

…then I sincerely encourage you to post here more frequently, as it sounds like you have a lot to offer. We are all learning here. :handshake:

Forum anti-patterns: Are we helping or just enabling?

You’re right. But on the other hand, these forums to show that there are such things as stupid questions.

After enough time, it becomes frustrating that people don’t apply some common sense or do some basic research before coming to the forums. That combined with some users use the forums for social actions while others as a tool to run actual business (and yet others to run hobbies).

The wide diversity of the users and use intents will likely continue the ‘attitude’ you refer to.


I’d like to buy the world a coke…:sunglasses:


And that is the worst of it. They don’t want to be told that they don’t seem to have the mental ability to sell here, because, lets face it, selling online does take a modicum of intelligence. It is bad enough to see the foreign sellers writing almost incoherent posts due to lack of English language skills, but to see someone from here in the States, not being able to write one simple sentence, do a single math equation correctly, be able to read rules or even follow simple instructions it is sad. You can see this in a forum when someone keeps asking the same questions and the others ask them if they have check ed the Amazon link that was given to them and those trying to help are ignored and then told they are being snarky. They have either been let down by their school district or they let their schools down themselves. It seems many times when they can not get a decent regular job do to a lack of learning, they hear the rumors of quick and easy cash and come to Amazon to sell and run into a multitude of trouble, in large part because they don’t have the basics skills that they need to succeed. It is sad. As someone with dyslexia AND a life long reader, I know the difficulties of a learning disability, but it can be overcome with help. I graduated college and also became an RN while struggling with words two syllables and longer. It is rough, but that didn’t mean I didn’t try to improve myself. All the skills you need to succeed on Amazon can generally be learned if the person is willing, but if they aren’t willing to learn, they will only flounder.

One of the biggest problems I have seen here is not ‘snarkiness’, but the lack of Please and Thank you. Someone comes. Asks a question. Generally never even asks if someone could please help them, and from what little might be showing in the initial post other forum members comes and try to help. Some trying to clarify or to have them expand upon what they are asking and before you know it, the forum members are being called trolls, paid Amazon employees, and worse. Instead of the OP realizing that people are taking time from their busy days to help. That is where instead of calling someone a troll they should use the other T word. Thank you for your help! I got called a troll/Amazon employee a few weeks ago and took it as a compliment. I apparently had touched a nerve with good advice. However, I never come to these boards to be nasty, but to help. When some are totally nasty to everyone though, it is time to tell them to behave themselves. This is a professional forum and why should we have to put up with posters acting like spoiled, entitled brats?


You didn’t help the poor seller

The “poor seller” didn’t seem to be taking things seriously, and he wasn’t going to be reinstated with that approach. And before you point out that he claims he was later on, I don’t believe that for a minute. I’m just acknowledging for you that yes, I read where he said he got reinstated.

He asked for advice, and I told him what was wrong with the POA he was using, and what he needed to do instead.

In return, he attacked both me and Oneida - two people who could have actually helped him, if he’d been sincere about wanting help.

just blasted him to outer space and made him feel like he is nothing.

I didn’t blast him at all, although I probably did squirt him with jet fuel for using “u” like it’s an actual word. :roll_eyes:

I don’t see where I made him feel like nothing, although I was no longer interested in trying to help him after he started attacking people who could legitimately try and help.

He never came back… not ONCE… with a POA he’d written himself, or even the one he bought/found with modifications. I told him on multiple occasions that what he needed to do was figure out what his actual problem had been and then write up his own POA outlining that. Did he do that? Nope. Did he make even the slightest effort to do that? No.

He asked “ok can you tell me what else i should include please”, seeking for one of US to tell him exactly what he should say, and that’s not how it works. Not only is he the only one who knows what needs to go in his POA, but it isn’t right to ask someone else to handle your responsibilities for you. I gave him guidance, good, complete, easy to follow and accurate guidance as to what he needed to do. He - apparently - chose not to.


I miss not having more younger folks on the forum (not sure if this is fact or opinion since I can’t see behind the screen).

Some can be a sour puss whether young or old. Age has nothing to do with that. I do agree that some here might find better value of their time by sourcing inventory instead of posting here.


The old adage applies, if we want to change the world, we need to begin with ourselves.

Honestly, @Direct_HiT, hit the nail squarely on the head, here.

I don’t care what profession one is in or where they came from or who they are or how much cash in the bank they have - without just a bit of love (tolerance) toward our fellow humans, we’re all doomed.

Yup, I’m an old hippie. :sunflower::white_flower::wilted_flower::white_flower::sunflower:


You provide the coke.
I will provide the vodka.


Not that I know what went on in his head, more than you do, but it’s very likely that after that attack from you, he just gave up.

BTW: “ahem” doesn’t help anyone understand anything better than without “ahem”. You came in guns blazing.