Attitude In Seller Forums


I also wrote about what the EMTs are telling the dude who cut off his ---- by inserting it in a vaccum cleaner. (True story.)
The bots stopped it from going live.
Said that it had to be approved by a moderator.
Maybe they will allow it in a while.


So, this is an acceptable answer? Considering the OP was asking how to download a report for tax purposes. What blows my mind, is this response got 4 likes.


Okay. My bad.
But please go get a nap and check back in an hour or so………


Yes there’s a difference. Not everyone can be nice and sweet here.

Some just say it in another way.


@gr8t153 - Thank you but that wasn’t my intentions…


I don’t insult people.

Oh… you most certainly do! Over and over. If you think you don’t, you might want to step back and took an unbiased look at how your comments come across.

You misunderstood, as unbelievable as it sounds.

Oh look, here’s an example right here. Yep, I’m being snarky. I own it, because you deserve it. “as unbelievable as it sounds” is an extremely snide comment. I won’t insult you by asking if you know what “snide” means, but this was it.

Further “You misunderstood” (stated as if it is a cold, hard fact rather than simply your opinion) is also insulting and condescending. A better way to say that is “I think you misunderstood”. Stating your opinion as fact suggests that the other person’s opinion doesn’t matter at all.

I can say that I think you are an idiot. That’s fine, I’m sure I’m not alone, and I’m sure there are people who feel that way about me. But if I say - you ARE an idiot, that’s insulting to you because I am stating it as a fact, not simply my opinion. There’s a huge difference.

You attempted to put a spin (hijack)

There you go again, stating an opinion as a fact.

and all I did was not allow you to

And now you are speaking to me as if you are the parent and I am your child. You did not “allow” me to…
I have surprising news for you. It’s not up to you to “allow” me (or anyone) to do anything.

to spin it the way you want.

Again, stating facts as opinion.

Please pray tell, which part was insulting…?

Every. Single. Word.


Guys and gals:
Keep going at it.
But all of you better show up to work on time tomorrow or I will ding your paychecks…


Are you telling us it’s time to have a forum kumbaya moment? :smile:


I don’t take these forum posts personally. If I ask a question I usually get an answer then I move on. I don’t get into debates because I don’t have time for that. Thanks to @Skeeter my sales are on a roll and I don’t have time to read many threads now. By the way where is @Skeeter? :thinking:


@Shelf_Cleaning_Capit - Its about how the “Direct Comments” are said.

You can tell someone that what they are doing is incorrect without ripping their head off.


There is no difference between the two whether you think something or state it as fact. Calling someone an idiot is an insult and spiteful comment whether it is an expressed opinion/thought or claimed as fact.


Absloutley! :slight_smile:

kumbaya (Noun) The title of the etymological folk song, used with varying degrees of sincerity or sarcasm to refer to the song’s evocations of spiritual unity and interpersonal harmony.


This we agree. We had also opened a post once & although we got awesome response their were some ready to criticize & after emailing them that they did not read the question right, they did apologize.

But, sellers do ask when you want as there are more good response than not which will help

Happy Selling


How about leaving their head alone, bur goring their heart out?


@Shelf_Cleaning_Capit - I think anyone can sell and be successful here.

Skills can be obtained, I believe it’s the persistence and consistency that separates the higher earners.


So, this is an acceptable answer?

Minimally acceptable. Cabinfeverbooks can be curt, but ask yourself, if he had added the words “you need to”, would it have sounded so rude?

AZ is not your bookkeeper…you need to do it yourself.

Still rude? And in light of the fact that he believed OP was expecting Amazon to provide ALL OP’s expense documentation for him, isn’t that a reasonable answer?

Yes, it’s curt. No, it wasn’t helpful in terms of what OP was actually searching for. But was it akin to - you’ve cut your arm off with your chainsaw, how could you possibly be such a $#$@##^ idiot!!

Not even close. It wasn’t insulting or rude at all. Not warm and fuzzy either, just basic and factual, based on an incorrect understanding of the question.


@sodorshopper - I agree with you.

  • Most just like to insult people or make themselves look important.
  • These forums have long been useless to get any real help, only sarcasm and how the OP is always wrong.


There is no difference between the two whether you think something or state it as fact.

I disagree. If you say to your neighbor, I think your dog came into my yard and ate my flowers, you’ll get a very different response than if you say - your dog came onto my property and destroyed my flower bed!

If presenting an unknown thing as a fact, you leave no room for an opposing point of view or any facts to the contrary. You also immediately place the other party in a defensive mode.

When presenting something as your opinion, you acknowledge that there is an opposing opinion and that yours may not be correct.


Did they help the OP with a solution? Yes or no? Simple answer.


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