Attitude In Seller Forums


Still no. Again, all of those folks are working under an oath and against job descriptions and chains of command, even if not paid–and I know because I do this. There are still uniforms and equipment, specific procedures, and reasons you can be barred from such service.

On the Forum, you’re working with Good Samaritans and bystanders–civilians and true volunteers. No oaths, no job descriptions outside of the Forum guidelines.

@superdee_27935, why is “unbelievable” when others misunderstand you but “mean” if you misunderstand them–which is equally as possible? It certainly sounded insulting, even if that wasn’t your intention. :woman_shrugging:


WOW @LooseCannon, thank you and I hope the stinky users are reading this. You made my day :joy::joy::joy:


Nope I disagree because I have friends and family, that do not receive any form of compensation, and jump in the middle of the night to help others in need. If you don’t know of it, that does not mean that it doesn’t exist. You are just not familiar with such people.


Point out which part was insulting. Keep on spinning.


LOL your post is a perfect icing on the cake :grin::joy:


@superdee_27935, how is this not rude or insulting?

ETA: what was added after my reply here posted:


^This is spinning.


Sarcasm defined: “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”

In my opinion general sarcasm is not against forum guidelines unless it leads to personal insults against individual posters or groups of people.

Insults and spiteful remarks against individuals and groups is against forum guidelines.


i for one don’t really care for the "you must work for amazon etc etc etc every time someone doesn’t like being told that is how it is at amazonworld. many fine sellers get this abuse for no reason other than trying to make an individual better informed.


100% agree, I try to stay out of here most of the time. It’s fine to be alittle snarky sometimes but it seems like no matter what someone jumps down your throat.


Okay boys and girls.
This post is getting out of hand.
I think we can all agree on some things.
Agree to disagree.
The forum could be a little more civil.
Some of us are here to help.
Some of us are here to complain.
Some of us are here to insult.
Some of us are here to stir the pot.
Some of us are here to argue.
Some of us are here to entertain.
Some of us are here to be amused.
Some of us are here for the ice cream.
That on a Facebook forum with private moderators, folks are much nicer. I know. I am following a Facebook group on soapmaking. Will not say which one.
That hiding behind a keyboard sometimes brings out the worse of humankind.
That EMT’s don’t laugh in the face of the dude who cut off half his behind because he was leaning on his bench saw.
That I_Kid_You_Not_Sorry is the forum clown.
Now everyone stop auguring. Drink your warm cup of milk, or vodka, in a cup or sipicup or whatever sails your boat and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.
I Kid You Not


@redwing - I also have a BMW and find those threads to be pretty helpful with small repairs.

However, most of those forums are filled with individuals arguing about who’s cars are better.


I agree and never made this claim.


@BINZER - Better to not say something if it contains sarcasm… it kinda takes away from the kind gesture.


This was earlier today, the first few responses to the OP were terrible and IMHO, both should be reprimanded for their answers.

My goodness, really? Thanks for posting an example to illustrate, but I only saw the OP being rude there.

Let me explain how I saw it. OP said -
We have lots of expenses as Amazon sellers:
There seems to be no place to look up all of these expenses??? Seller support is completely useless…

I immediately thought - why are you asking for Amazon to track your business expenses? They would have no way to know what your expenses are. I was thinking of expenses as things I deduct on my Schedule C. The part of my expenses that Amazon tracks (Amazon fees and shipping I buy through them) are only part of my total expenses. Most of my expenses - shipping supplies, other postage, utilities, phone bill, car and truck expenses etc - are things ** I ** need to track for myself, not something Amazon is going to do for me.

So it seemed to me that here was another self-entitled person who didn’t have a clue what running a business was about, who didn’t even grasp that they had to track their expenses in order to calculate their profit and just expected Amazon to magically give them a number.

SELLC gave a very correct, and not the least bit mean or snarky response about the need to track one’s expenses.

Now, it seems that what OP was actually trying to ask was where on Amazon he could find a report that listed his expenses that he paid to Amazon. That would have gotten him the exact response he was after, but he didn’t ask THAT question. He asked a very general question about why Amazon wouldn’t give him his expenses.

And then he said - I’m trying to look all of that information up in my back office, and it doesn’t seem to exist.

When he said his “back office” he apparently meant he was looking in SellerCentral, but I assumed ‘back office’ was some term related to his own recordkeeping at home. So again, he came across as sounding like he didn’t understand, or care, that he was expected to track his own business expenses, and that he thought there was a magic button to push and Amazon would read his mind and do it all for him.

That’s why he got the responses he got. They weren’t rude, but it was ridiculous to expect Amazon to run your business for you. As it turns out, that ISN’T what OP was expecting, but he wasn’t communicating his question so that it was correctly understood.

And then, rather than realizing he wasn’t making himself understood, OP came up with this rude gem -
There doesn’t even seem to be a place to look up how much I spent in sending FBA shipments… You must have Stockholm Syndrome.

The way I see this, OP is at fault for not explaining himself clearly in the first place. If people can’t understand what a poster wants, they have no way to provide it for him. Only OP knows what it is he needs, so you can’t blame the helpers for the misunderstanding - it’s on OP to explain his question clearly.

It’s also on OP to not bite the hand that feeds him, so to speak. He went right on the attack with his Stockholm Syndrome insult, rather than grasping that maybe he wasn’t expressing himself clearly enough.

Just an FYI, when someone finally gave the great answer, with the steps to generate the report, it wouldn’t work if OP was an individual seller - they don’t have access to reports so trying to follow those steps would only have gotten them more confused and frustrated.

But I don’t see anything rude (other than the Stockholm Syndrome comment) in that whole thread, just a lot of misunderstanding. OP knew what he was trying to ask, but the readers could only go by what OP did ask, and these types of misunderstandings are a big part of what lead to the accusations of people being mean.

People really struggle with getting the ideas that are in their heads into written language correctly. That’s also why so many people lose A-Z claims or have a hard time with POA’s. They know what they mean but not how to say it so people will understand. Communication is a lost art.


I just wanted to post and didn’t know to whom to reply, so I chose you. Nothing I wrote is meant (specifically) to you my friend.


Love it! Very happy to be a safe spot. :heart:


@gt_books - I agree, not everyone here is mean. The good definitely out-weight the sarcasm and smirky responses.

It’s the post that start with the smirky responses and get no further help because the thread fell through.


@Electronics_Safety - Thank you for keeping the thread clean.

In my initial posts, I intentionally left out the helpful posters. We know who they are as well as the unhelpful posters.


I don’t think this thread has gotten out of hand at all. So far it seems like we have mostly stayed civil on this thread and hopefully the moderators will agree that the topic is important enough to keep after they monitor it.