Attitude In Seller Forums


If you don’t like what is said in the forum then start contributing and say what you think should be said.

I agree 100% PERCENT. OP has over 200 likes now on his original post, but how many people have come out from behind the curtain of anonymity to join the discusion? Only a few.

I echo your sentiment - don’t just sit there and complain. If you really object to the way things are, step up and be part of the change. Lead by example.


I am speaking for myself, sorry.


Just to chime in:

I like to think of myself as a mostly helpful jerk.


And another thread like this will come along in another six months or so, and we will go 'round and 'round again.

It’s cyclical…and never “resolved.”

Rather akin to the “Sale are Down!” threads.


I’d like to use your post as an example. If you were posting seeking advice with something, I’d have to ask you what the above sentence means. That’s not to call you an idiot, or make you feel bad about yourself or anything, but simply because I couldn’t give you help without understanding the words you’ve strung together.

I think this posts definitely stimulated some reasons behind their actions.

Many of us are pretty good at guessing and deciphering, but I’ve read this multiple times and still have no idea what you mean to say. “stimulated some reasons behind their actions”. Could you clarify? Who is they (their) and what actions are you talking about?


So you seem to feel that something has been accomplished by telling new sellers what you hate. Exactly how does that help a new seller? You hate that someone isn’t as nice as you like. OK, how does that help a new seller be more successful?

This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about earlier. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the conversation, but you have to be able to make sense. It’s essential to be able to get your thoughts in order, and communicate them in a way that others can understand.

If you fail at being able to do that, you’re only going to frustrate the people who are trying to help you. This isn’t a failure of their helping abilities, but rather your ability to seek help.

This is what so many ‘you are all so mean’ posters don’t seem to understand. You don’t see how you are contributing to the situation through your own actions.

BTW, the all caps nonesense, and use of the word hate pretty much make me write you off as someone I wouldn’t bother helping. Just another example for people to be aware of - if you want good/nice/quality help, you’ll have the best chance at getting it if you act in a good/nice/quality way.


People take time out of their lives to help other sellers, free of charge might I add, and you want to suppress those you feel are ‘snarky’? Amazon already moderates what can and cannot be posted, I do not think we need to start customizing this according to some peoples feelings and wants


Funny how it’s always the ones complaining the most who contribute the least. You’ve been a forum member since May '16 and outside of this (complaining) topic you created, have only replied twice to 2 other topics. Yet you’ve read 868 posts which I assume you’ve gotten some benefit from. So how about instead of complaining, you start giving back?




Just for clarification, would sarcasm in any way be considered a spiteful remark?


I think smirky sometimes seems appropriate when you see the same old thread about a rather useless subject like " My sales are slow how about yours? Over a hundred other sellers are selling the same thing and I never get sales. I never get the buy box. My prices are higher than most. I have been at this now for 3 days and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I need help " which I have seen about 100 times in the last 10 years. Then someone reply’s, what is the ASIN? Then the OP says what is an ASIN? Really? Want to see smirky? Ask what an OP is or stands for and wait for the responses you will get. ( seems like most don’t know) OMG! Octopus Pie! The name of the kid on the Andy Griffith show. Ha, Ha, Ha, oh my! Seriously I don’t know either.


Yes they do, I am not going to name any names, or referencing other posts that I saw
earlier today. It’s just interesting that you responded.

Now try painting the picture a little different, this time with an unconscious patient or an OD foaming at the mouth, or someone with a severed limb and chainsaw lying on the ground.

EMT: you stupid lowlife, do you want to get yourself killed?!
Patient: unnhhhgrrr…
EMT: That’s not the way you do it!
Patient: ehhhh
EMT: You don’t even have a Pulse!!!
Patient: hhh_hhhh_hh
EMT: Why don’t you show us, which drug you took!
Bystander: Can’t you just shut up, and help him? What’s wrong with you?!
EMT: I have been rescuing people for Umpteen years, and if I want to yell, I will do exactly that!
Patient: Flatlined (Dead)

Need more examples, or you get the message?


^^^ That’s rude, IMHO.
Am I going to flag it? Nope.
Or whine about it? Nope.

By the way, there’s no comparison between Forum users and EMTs:

  • Forum users – unpaid volunteers, no oaths, no training but lots of experience – more akin to Good Samaritans/bystanders.
  • EMTs – paid employees, Hippocratic oath, lots of training – this is literally their job.


Not everyone has the energy or willpower, to put up a fight.


Wow, makes one wonder how many times threads and edits have been made to a sellers threads by mods. Interesting.


Yes they do, I am not going to name any names, or referencing other posts that I saw
earlier today. It’s just interesting that you responded.

Now see, if you’d quoted the line you were responding to, I’d know what you mean by “yes they do”. Since you didn’t… ???

Need more examples, or you get the message?

Now this ^^^ is a condescending and insulting remark. You are clearly suggesting that I am stupid, and haven’t grasped your point, which you believe is absolutely correct.

Isn’t this exactly the kind of comment that this thread was started to object to?

Yes, I would be very interested in seeing an example of ANY forum thread that is comparable to your chainsaw EMT example. I’ve never seen an example that comes anywhere near that type of behavior. If they exist, I’d absolutely like to see one.


What exactly are you implying here?



This was earlier today, the first few responses to the OP were terrible and IMHO, both should be reprimanded for their answers.

Its not to the extent of what @superdee_27935 suggests, but you get the point.


Yep, isn’t it ironic? :rofl:

I’d venture to say that the people who’ve never been on the helping side of the equation, don’t understand what it takes to try and weed through what a person actually said to figure out what they meant to say and then try and compose an answer that person might understand.

The funny thing about @superdee_27935’s response was that it exhibited the same human behavior that we all fall prey to, without him or her even realizing it. When you’re trying to make a point, and feel like someone isn’t getting it, it’s frustrating and frustration makes you snippy. :laughing:


Plenty of communities have Volunteer EMT’s and Fire. I am referring to those and others that run/fly to all corners of the world to help. Makes sense now?


You misunderstood, as unbelievable as it sounds. You attempted to put a spin (hijack) on my example, and all I did was not allow you to spin it the way you want.

I don’t insult people. Please pray tell, which part was insulting…?