Attitude In Seller Forums


Quite honestly, most sellers will not hear what is being said until they receive a 2x4 to the face with the obvious facts of their issue presented.

You may say smirk… we say perniciousness.


and you really think that there is a difference, in the end?


The op is stating that don’t be nasty. They nowhere implied that you should help others. They are stating that if you are not going to help than say nothing.


You may be misinterpreting those posts, although I agree - I would like to see a lot less of ‘Did you read the terms of service?’ Come on… nobody reads the terms of service of anything. At most, you skim them, but few people even do that. People click the ‘I Agree’ button because that’s what you have to do to get past that screen.

But I don’t think this should be interpreted as a lack of compassion. Everyone who posts here is doing it on their own time and without pay. Occasionally, some people seem to enjoy being d|ckheads and like to publicly try and make other folks feel bad, but I don’t think there are very many of those people here anymore.

To keep themselves out of trouble, sellers DO need to learn to think about A, B, and C before they do X, Y, and Z and if they’re told that, it will actually help them in the long run.

Years ago, I used to work with a woman who drove me nuts. She was super kind and helpful to everyone, all the time, but she didn’t have a clue what she was doing. However, people liked her (not me, but other people) because she made them feel like she cared and that she was trying to help them.

But reality was, she wasn’t able to help anyone because she didn’t know how to do the stuff she was trying to help with.

So, the question is -

  • Do you want it nice, which comes with no actual help?
  • Or do you want actual help, without regard for the attitude it comes with?

Personally, if I have a problem, I want it FIXED. Nicey, nice, sugar and spice, rainbows and unicorns but no solution are absolutely useless to me.


And yet, OP called other users j***s1, which is saying something nasty…and without helping. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Agree. When I ask for help, I appreciate clear, accurate insight and information–I’m not gonna fuss about how it’s delivered.

I truly believe that I have only survived on Amazon because of the Forum! I am so grateful to anyone who takes the time to try to help or at least help me troubleshoot and brainstorm, whether I would take them to Cotillion or not.


You’re mistaken. People are not natural bullies. The anonymity of a computer keyboard makes normally nice people into bullies.


I’ve noticed the same thing. A lot of snarky, rather than helpful.


AMEN!!! :star:


This is likely true at times, but I also suspect that text-only communication–without vocal and visual cues–also leads to misinterpretation of others’ tone or intentions, too. :woman_shrugging:


I am positive that there are thousands of sellers who would disagree that the forum is useless.

I would also disagree that the only replies to posts are sarcasm and how the OP is always wrong. There is no sarcasm in this post – you are simply wrong. There are many posters here who nurture, support and reassure sellers who need it.


Well said my friend


And pray tell how was your comment helpful? I have spent hundreds of hours trying to help people in the forum. Sometimes people do not like what I say. You dropping into the forum to criticize people is less than helpful. I have not noticed you spending any amount of time trying to help people who sometimes do not have a clue. But how superior of you to be able to criticize those of us who DO.

If you don’t like what is said in the forum then start contributing and say what you think should be said.


If you don’t like it…

just playing.


Oh, I disagree with that. Nearly every post has legitimate offers of help. I would say that if people were NOT trying to help, there’d be all sorts of misdirection and purposeful wrong advice.

Have you ever seen an EMT responding to a call, and start shouting and insulting the patient as to what they should’ve or shouldn’t have done? Regardless of how stupid the are/were?

People don’t start shouting at, and insulting forum posters. Can you provide an example of a thread where someone started doing this? Some of us may ultimately get there, but let’s use your EMT example, with a common forum poster as his patient.

EMT: Have you taken any drugs today?
Patient: Fix me!!!
EMT: I’m trying to help you. Have you taken any drugs today?
Patient: My dog ran away, will you take him home?
EMT: I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about your dog. It’s really important that you answer my questions. Have you taken any drugs today?
Patient: When I got up this morning, I was woozy and drinking coffee made me nauseated.
EMT: (rolls eyes at his fellow EMT) I can’t help you if you don’t answer my questions. It’s very important. Have you taken any drugs today?
Patient: Why aren’t you helping me? We should be at the hospital by now. Can’t you do your job? I should be feeling better by now. :angry:
Patient’s Friend: Yeah, why aren’t you helping him? Just fix him up, you’re an EMT, right? Just get on it, buddy.
EMT: (SIGH) You’re his friend, have you been with him all day? Has he taken any drugs today?
Patient’s Friend: I took his dog for a walk but he ran away.

At what point would you think your hypothetical EMT would run out of patience?


Amazon does offer the option to summarize the thread. While imperfect (like lots of Amazon automation … and if you consider that snark, we may have a semantics issue), it does remove a lot of the chaff. I’ve seen plenty of forum software with the option to sort responses by usefulness (basically how well liked vs. time), although there’s some real danger of feedback bias there … but upvote/downvote (or “if you like this response you’re likely to like these ones”) could certainly help. These features are available in public license software, and no reason not to have them available here.

If I’m asking for help with a hard problem, and only 20% of the replies are useful (or even not-abusive and on-topic), that’s still better than what I see using support, so I’m happy for the resource. I do think that some folks here are just d-bags, even when they’re right (protip: being right does not then justify any attitude you like), but welcome to the internet: Over time, any valuable resource will essentially become noise, as those less able to add value are drawn to the valuable resource.

I’m mostly just entertained by those folks who say “Quit your whining/you’re an idiot, I know how to make a ton of money here, and you’re just a loser for not being in the same boat” … and who have somehow decided that the road to making a ton of money on Amazon is spending all their time on the boards dissing other people.


So, where does this post belong?


Here is the thing – so little information is given in most posts that we have to guess at what the problem is. So yeah, about 20% is about right. Not to mention that OPs generally like to present themselves as poor abused victims and totally blameless in whatever trouble they find themselves in.


I agree with the OP however, i also agree that the clean up was necessary.

Lastly, I understand where this posts come from. I have removed myself from posting on the forums for such reasons.

However I am glad this blew up so that everyone can recognize and acknowledge that theres a problem that needs to be resolved.

Personally effected or not, I think this posts definitely stimulated some reasons behind their actions.




Excuse me, but that is not MY conclusion. How presumptuous.