Attitude In Seller Forums


Seems to begetting more snarky.

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This was NOT intended as a snarky comment but a true statement of what the world needs more of. We are overrun with anonymous commentators and those safely installed behind a keyboard saying and or giving opinions they likely would not state to ones face.

Seriously…more love please.


Actually, saying “unproven preconceived opinions not based on proof”, is also nonsense. At a minimum, redundant. But we get you’re gist…:slight_smile:



are you a Paul, Ringo, John or George?!


I wanted to follow the same route.
I do miss FunkyMonkey. She had a lot of insight.


@Elusive – per the quiz, I’m a Ringo


a true Starr


I agree in general with your post.
Especially when someone comes here with a genuine need or problem. It is time to help not to bring the person down.
(Unless if he is deliberately selling counterfeit etc. In that case the person does not deserve our help.)

Nevertheless, not everyone’s need is the same.
Some sellers come here for advice.
Some for a shoulder to lean on.
Some need emotional support.
Some need a laugh.
Some need a helping hand.
Some need a shot of vodka. (Me.)
Some need a kick in the pants of their seat.
I Kid You Not


Some folks need tough love…


I haven’t had a good laugh all day, thank you for that.

My agreeing with the OP is faulty logic LOL



That’s what this thread feels like


I always thought the forums were for people who are too busy complaining about Amazon to actually sell on Amazon.


I’ll just copy/paste what I wrote the last time we had one of these threads…

There are a few jer… ahem “people with attitude” on here. There are FAR more helpful people.

There are also:

  • lots of posters who mistake good advice they don’t want to hear as meanness.
  • lots of posters who mistake succinctness as meanness.
  • lots of posters who think being told about the reality of their situation is cruel.
  • lots of posters who waste the time of helpful forum members by not doing the least little bit of research before posting.
  • lots of posters who mistake the seller’s forum for an emotional support group.

I don’t think the biggest problem here is from the advice givers.


points at @Get_Cracking

“You’re cool”


This is the reason why the Amazon groups on Facebook are leaps and bounds better than Amazon Seller Forums. Real names, real people which seems to foster a greater sense of community and camaraderie than exists over here. Hopefully one day Amazon will make a change…


Sorry but I disagree… sometimes the best advise is the hard truth. Too many sellers use this forum as a place to vent their frustration rather than try to get help. There are many seasoned sellers ready and willing to help but very few willing to accept it. So many forget to realize that selling on Amazon is a Privilege and not a right. They get upset when Amazon sides with buyers not realizing that this is how Amazon built their brand in the first place. This post tells me everything that is wrong about the 3rd party seller system.


There is a way to package the “Truth” without having to rip the OP a “new one”.

You can and should be tactful, when communicating with others. No need to drop in lines such as “you deserve it” or pointing out the obvious without offering solutions.

If it were true that most are trying to help, the messages would look a lot different.

Have you ever seen an EMT responding to a call, and start shouting and insulting the patient as to what they should’ve or shouldn’t have done? Regardless of how stupid the are/were? It’s still not the time for that. Perhaps when the patient is back on their feet, then can a frank conversation pointing out their mistakes be valuable.

Some here, are just like hyenas, barely waiting for the gazelle to fall, to start ripping them apart. Most of those so-called helpful posters don’t help. They just dance around on other people’s misery (blood).

Things need to improve.


My agreeing with the OP is faulty logic LOL

Apparently you don’t realize it, but you are merely supporting my assertion.

  • It is faulty logic to assume that because a lot of people liked OP’s initial post, that makes his position true
  • It is faulty logic to conclude that because I said your reasoning (that liking post = post is true) was faulty, that I was saying your agreeing with the OP was faulty.

You evidently feel that there are many victims of meanies, bullies, and the now-forbidden “j” word in the forums. But you aren’t putting forth your opinion as what it is - an opinion, and you aren’t providing any clearly thought out supporting evidence for your argument.

This is exactly the type of behavior that elicits what you apparently perceive as mean, cranky, or snarky behavior from other forum members. If you come here needing help, state your case clearly, and present a well-reasoned and logical assessment of your situation, and you WILL get help.

If you just want to stomp your foot, throw up your hands, and point fingers at the mean people who won’t do for the work for you that you should be doing for yourself, well, we’re all going to roll our virtual eyes at each other, and move on to help someone else.

You may not realize it, but many - and I’d say the majority - of the people who claim that Amazon is SO UNFAIR in its treatment of sellers in A-Z claims, lose them because they lack the ability to reason logically and communicate clearly. Many of those sellers probably wind up with A-Z’s in the first place because they lack the logic and communication skills to deal with customers effectively.

These people don’t understand that the problem is on their side, and so they point fingers, stomp and scream about how unfair Amazon is. Amazon has its problems to be sure, but there is so much of what gets complained about here that people bring on themselves. And that’s what’s happened here.

You may not appreciate this, and Chris might delete it, but there’s a funny saying you see sometimes on hats and shirts and the like -

  • I’d be nicer if you were smarter

The people complaining about the bad attitude don’t realize the part they play in creating that environment. Don’t like it? Take a look in the mirror and realize how your actions contribute to it.


Like any forum it is your responsible to read, understand, and make your own conclusion after reading.
Seems simple enough.