Attitude In Seller Forums


So you hardly participate on the forums, hence contribute nothing to helping anyone but you want to throw in some opinions on how people should help.

Waste of time thread.

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I just want to remind everyone about the Forum Guidelines in case you have not read them.

What are the discussion guidelines?

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I agree 100%

There are so many snarky, holier-than-thou trolls here that I barely bother using the forums any longer…

I really wish Amazon gave us the ability to block them.


It is my belief that it’s the anonymity that makes this possible (in a large part). If we were using our real names or our real business names (like mine) people would either not comment, if they had nothing constructive to say; or, be more polite as the remarks would reflect directly on them.

Moderator Edit (Chris_Mod_Amazon): Political commentary removed,


Why is this thread reopened?!

It will continue to degenerate.


You’re trying to hard to be clever, when you’re only reinforcing the op.


True, if you got somebody mad once, they would seek your post out just to downvote them.




Someone is cranky! Looks like there are quite a few people who agree with OP. All those people who can’t count, I’m one of them apparently because I agree with the OP 100%.


This Topics was closed and re-opened?? Also the title has been changed - not deleted… Many posts have been flagged and deleted, but the OP is still allowed to edit title and Original Post ? @Oneida_Books ? Some explanation to educate us would be good


Hello @Elusive,

For transparency sake, the moderators are the ones who edited and re-opened the thread.

Chris H


@Chris_Amazon I have screenshots of @Oneida_Books who closed and unlisted the thread originally…

and the title has been changed from “Jerks” to “Attitude”…


The forums are interesting. You can certainly find useful information most of the time, but there are those that get angry with the truth. I had a response flagged this morning because although the information I offered was correct, it must have offended someone and that user reported it.

All I ever want is the truth, constructive debate, or factual data. Some only like that if it fits a narrative.

Have faith in the forums. It’s still the best place to get information and useful advice.


This is faulty logic, unfortunately. Many people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions, or don’t understand when this is required of them, will blame someone else and jump on any bandwagon that comes along that says ‘it isn’t your fault, you haven’t done anything wrong’. People also enjoy playing the victim, so whenever they have the opportunity to say ‘poor me, I’m being treated so unfairly!’, they will.

Both of these represent a large portion of the “likes” given to the original poster.

That’s not to dispute that people aren’t as polite in an anonymous Internet environment where no one really knows you, because that’s true everywhere.

But it’s also a fact that these forums are the most helpful… and often ONLY helpful source for problems people have with selling on Amazon.


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All you need is love (everybody)
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Hello @Elusive,

I am not at all saying that he didn’t close the thread. As a leader we can see how the action he took did make sense, as these type of threads can sometimes quickly become off-topic and full of inappropriate posts.

That being said, we do think this is an important topic, so we re-opened the thread after removing some of the posts and editing the title. Sometimes we will close a thread right away while we discuss possibly re-opening it, or while we clean it up. We are also monitoring this one closely.

Chris H


Very true. Many only want to hear what they want to hear. I like facts and well thought out opinions whether it makes me happy or not.


Fair enough, however, there are still a lot of replies with “j*rk” in this topic that have not been edited out or deleted… so maybe all posts should have been checked - edited or deleted before re-opened.

Enjoy the rest of 1/20/2020 - there will never be another


Yea i 100% agree: It’s usually along the lines of it’s your fault, it’s in the terms of service, or you should have thought of that before you did XY and Z… people are savages sometimes and have zero compassion. If you have 0 compassion, it is what it is i guess, but why go out of your way to shame people? It’s disgusting and completely not necessary.