Attitude In Seller Forums


Venting on a forum can elicit various responses. Sometimes it validates a feeling for others. New sellers sometimes ask a question that shows how new they really are. There is the option for others to keep on scrolling and not reply unless it is helpful.
I have learned a lot of the forum. So, thank you to those who really do this to help.


Thank you for deleting your post naming a few posters you think are jerks.


Very well said, Thank you.


Congrats you are a featured thread. And yes many are jerks on these threads. Some by commission some by omission.
It actually is kind of hard replying to most of the threads so I do not. Still I have been called a bully and other words and this is mainly by those who are not helping but casting stones.


Partly the issue is when people coming onto seller forum to complain about

  1. Things they should have learned by educating themselves on Amazons policy. These are self inflicted wounds and you are not treating your business seriously if you dont educated yourself on Amazon policy first. Like asking people to spoon feed you information you could google yourself in 5 seconds. But this is with your business on the line. DO THE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SELL ON AMAZON OR YOURE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME.

  2. Being the victim while not being truthful of the whole story. Sellers who want support and advise while lying about all the facts to make them seem innocent when they had a hand in their own situation. And when its pointed out that they hid relevant info they get pissed and defensive.

  3. Amazon policy. Entitlement pisses people off and when someone posts as if entitled to sell on Amazon and lays out HOW amazon should treat them and WHY they shouldn’t be able to do things (hint: they can) and start whipping out terms like illegal or lawsuit. Amazon does things that might merit legal action. But 9 times out of 10 someone claims they are going to start a class action or something against Amazon it has less tha zero merit.

  4. like any forum, people who ask the SAME questions over and over again that could be found from the wealth of knowledge that already exists. Similar to earlier google metaphor. Dont want to search and do ANY thinking, just want it spoon fed.

  5. People complaint about complaining. That helps.

I’m sure there are other categories of posts that are annoying but after seeing these 3 year after year after year the snark is definitely still not helpful, but it is VERY understandable.


This is the type of thread that will invariably become locked or deleted because of too many “community flags”. Why waste time on this kind of thread. We all know where it eventually leads.

To all: Naming “jerks” is against forum guidelines. If others could keep it from becoming personal, this thread might survive the moderators.


Interesting list. There are names on it that I would not include.

I would love to see second guessing move to a lower level on the priority list. I would like to see answering questions move to a higher level on the priority list.


Early on when I joined Amazon, I used to think many sellers are too harsh to the newbies.

I also visit Etsy forums sometimes and there you have a complete opposite, everyone coddling each other.

I personally prefer harshness of this forum.

Most of the sellers here who are harsh just give the sellers an insight as how AMAZON will see their actions and or responses, so specific bare bones harshness is actually very beneficial and useful advice… As opposed to “oh poor dear you, the marketplace is evil”

I have found these forums are kinda like when I was on a volleyball team, we were #1 or #2 in our country and our coach was a nasty mean a****le and we all hated him but his merciless training and pushing got us to the top, I still don’t like him, decades later but he deserves a credit for our team winning. I ultimately quit that team because I just could not take it.

Amazon is merciless, they will terminate small or large sellers for the slightest infractions ( unless of course they are located in PRC ) so I think the value of this forum is that we have those who “tell it like it is” without sugar coating as they have been around the block few times.


There are tons of helpful sellers here on the board, sellers who have helped me navigate through issues. We’re all in this together, and I try to offer help when I can. I’m sure there’s a few bad apples in every bunch, and there’s undoubtedly people having a bad day, or people who are frustrated by lack of support from Amazon.

I, for one, am very thankful for all the help I’ve rec’d over the years!


I have found that far too many sellers take personal offense to direct comments.

They take offense to being told they are doing things that are unacceptable, disallowed by Amazon rules, being told they did not read the rules, among many others.


Excellent comment

Too many people come here to sell because of the huge market, but do not have the skills to succeed.


Ditto! Not even enough knowledge to know that they don’t know.


You think this is bad? You should have seen it when there was a downvote button. Vast majority of people being really cranky and downvoting comments/replies that were extremely helpful


Or say that Chris Bangle is a genius.


Agreed. I too can count on one hand the actual helpful respondents.

  • Most trout out the “TOS you signed up for” which is already a broken contract as Amazon does not follow their own policies. Contract null and void.
  • Most always making the victim at fault.
  • Most just taking the opportunity to praise Amazon as faultless in everything thinking they are watching the forums.
  • Most just like to insult people or make themselves look important.
  • Most want OP to list their ASINs when not necessary so they can pounce on the product.
  • Etc.
    These forums have long been useless to get any real help, only sarcasm and how the OP is always wrong.


This right here just proved the OPs point.


Actually, this refutes the OPs point. This has very valid points in it.


I definitely agree here. I’ve come to the forum on a number of occasions seeking assistance and folks have come to my aid and within a few responses my questions are answered and I’m gratefully on my way. Nothing I’ve ever written has made the Forum front page. Thanks again to all who have stepped up to help me onward through the fog.


Some posters enjoy making fun of OPs’ problems, taking advantage of their desesperate situation and they love to answer with sarcastic responses.


I don’t understand why one would start a thread like this unless they were in fact “personally (a)ffected.” You must be affected by the scorn that you describe… I know that I am when I read hateful or demeaning comments here. The fact is that it takes a lot of effort to compose a message that is accurate, constructive and reparative all at the same time. Having said that, it does become somewhat tiresome reading posts here from people who have joined Amazon, started selling, and because they failed to take even one nanosecond to read about the endeavor into which they are entering, ask questions that have been answered 23,000 times already. Even then there is no excuse for rudeness… my opinion is that ignoring such posts is both a time saver and easier on the blood pressure. :slight_smile: