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My post got banned. Can you believe it?


@Chris_Amazon In general - and for all Topics - If an OP marks their Original Post as “Solved” - why keep that Topic open for further comment?

Surely closing the Topic for further comment (once the OP marks the Topic as “Solved”) would be better - and a good future process to consider? - after all the OP feels there questions have all been answered - and marked the Topic as “Solved”


One reason would be just because the OP thinks that someone has answered their question doesn’t mean that the answer is actually correct. Closing the topic would allow the incorrect answer to stand causing the OP and any other readers of the thread to be misinformed.


Hello @Elusive

Please note the additional comment I just added to the post.

Chris H


@Chris_Amazon Then my suggestion would be to consider a “Soft Closure” of a Topic (once the OP has marked it as “Solved”) but only until that Topic has been reviewed by a (human) Moderator… If that Moderator decides the topic has not been answered - it can be re-opened for further comment… If the Moderator decide the Topic has been answered - it remains closed…


Not everyone has a sense of humor. Or I guess I am not that funny. Nevertheless it was not necessary to flag his post.



Sometimes–as in this thread–a post is marked as a solution not because the topic is “solved” but because the post needs to be highlighted.

This does not mean that discussion should not continue, or that new information shouldn’t be brought to bear.


Fair enough - but I was only trying to make a suggestion to Moderator @Chris_Amazon on how the forums might be improved.

Also, surely whoever opens a Topic should have the option to close it (without it being deleted) - if there is nothing that has been flagged up within topic


Funny how we continually see fewer “quality” veterans in the forums, what with the steady stream of topics from people who need to be pointed to Seller University and those who have immediately committed to an act that is fatal to their account due to following shady advice.

I’m sure that seeing to it that nobody feels offended will bring them back in droves though, because crafting direct answers isn’t quite so interesting as having the opportunity to consider sensitivity to all the things in the process.

Bully, I say!


In 27 minutes, I’ve got a “like” with your name on it!


I was taking advantage of some downtime to offend people on my social media accounts :smiley:


Hahhahah …I forgot that you are out of “Likes.”


I didn’t.


Sorry the way I came across. I didn’t mean that you flagged him.
I Kid You Not



nah… really???
ok… we agree.

well ya.
if they were right, they wouldn’t be the OP.


you know… those are not mutually exclusive.


Actually I just gave some likes for some humorous perspective to come to this thread.
Elusive does make a valid point for a soft closure of a thread.
And as we have seen over the years, each Forum has some bad actors and motives.
This iteration is actually a kinder and gentler iteration of the Forum than I have seen in the past.
I feel that the suspect motive of some flaggers Is just to get threads closed and not about the actual post itself.
Communication is by very diverse means and lack of clarity just brings incorrect guesses to an issue.
Many “experienced” posters have left because of the perceived attacks that they have suffered and the belief that the abuse by some is not worth putting in time on threads.
I concur.
I would like some method of marking incorrect posts which I make sometimes, after the edit period is gone, because of lack of clarity from OP which is corrected or clarified later.


I just had a great opportunity to not offend some people. I thought it could be beneficial to the conversation to add the discussion it here.

A fresh post came up this afternoon about something I know about, because it is a program our brand is enrolled in, and I handle that part of our business.

I provided OP the answer in a very clear and concise way that will put them on the right path to do their own work, in a way that doesn’t include me ad-libbing Amazon policy, or doing keyboard work to re-post amazon policy, or writing paragraphs of instructions and making me into their personal mentor. I sent them right to the Amazon place that unequivocally knows what they need to do, and I know that they readily share the answer to OP’s particular question. Then I go about my business, intending to check back in for any follow-up that may be needed should OP run into a snag that others who also know the program may be too busy to assist with at the current time.

When I checked back in, I found that a few people showed up to turn it into a thread about their feelings and speculations about how the program works or doesn’t, effectively derailing my nice clean shot at getting OP where they needed to be. I wound up spending my time writing a whole bunch of carefully worded things to clarify the waters for OP again, while mostly ignoring the people who wrote all the bad words, despite my urge to offend them for muddying the waters for OP with off-the-wall banter about how they “almost got in the program, but it doesn’t work anyway” and launching off into what OP “really needs to do.”

I mean, I’m one of the good guys -but it could be very easy for the people who like to spend time here to write their ideas of how they imagine things work in programs they are not enrolled in as answers to questions -to get their feelings hurt by someone who really did not get out of bed this morning with that kind of intent.

So maybe people wont get their feelings hurt quite so readily if you suspect or even know that you don’t know, or even just aren’t quite sure that you know

…just keep reading.

It’s what I do.


You guys are still here? :sweat_smile:

Just kidding, much respect and love for all you who participated in this post. I will be choosing a solution to this post later tonight.

Again, I apologize about my initial approach and I want to thank all those who helped me realize that I also need to contribute more to the community.

It goes without saying that there a lot of good to the forum. As long as this post did for others as it did for me. I’m sure the community is a much better place.

Again, thank all of you wonderful sellers. May 2020 bring all of you growth, great health and an abundance to all of you.


Unfortunately, many use forums like these for entertainment, which can include antagonizing people purposely, aka, “trolling”.