Attitude In Seller Forums


Bunga Bunga always helps, with only good advice and no snotty insults. As some others do.


Sorry, but I disagree…greatly.
My father could never obtain the skills to even earn $100 up here, let alone $1000.
Nor could my neighbor, that didn’t finish high school, and can’t hold a job. But both are very persistent, and consistent.

Why would you focus on ‘persistence’ and ‘consistency’, and not mention aptitude and intelligence? Seriously…consistency? I’ve good a wood pecker outside that is extremely consistent with hammering the side of my house… And, this isn’t assembly line work, where consistency is valued.


and If I had just seen that YESTERDAY…


In my opinion, there have been posters who tried to make this forum a nicer place and it didn’t work.

After a couple of recent bannings on the forum (that were unjustified in my opinion) perhaps some sellers don’t want to risk their neck posting here.

Changing the title of this thread was helpful, but I can’t help but wonder who were all the posters who gave likes that don’t post here. Something seems odd about that. Maybe there is noise in the background that isn’t being heard on the forum.

Edited to fix error in quote above: “without


Exactly what I said. A mod edited this post and re-opened it. What other edits have been made without posters knowing? I thought it was pretty clear,.


If a mod edits a post of yours the notification shows up in the drop down under your avatar upper right.


You just proved my point. After reading some of the comments to people who are asking for advice, I would go anywhere but here for answers.


Whats really sad is since the posters that tried to kill this thread failed they are now resorting to falsely flagging the OP. Of course it’s ok for certain posters to abuse the flags while others get banned for it.

Feel free to edit me Chris even though it is 100% true.


Which is a good idea since most of what is posted on here is done so by very low volume sellers who are quite often wrong.

Even when they are right it is often just copied and pasted from what some one else posted before or from the Amazon help files which, as we all know, can be quite vague and open to interpretation at times.


You were offended because I suggested that if you want to change the forum you should participate more? Add your polite, helpful voice – although by your comments in this thread I don’t see it.

I don’t know if the irony is lost on you or not, but you criticize the forum and then object when someone suggests how YOU can change it. Mean old me, lol.


:grimacing: @Scifi, I hope that this isn’t referencing me for asking why the thread was reopened…I explained why I wondered when OP asked here, so I also hope that questioning why it was reopened hasn’t been misconstrued as “trying to kill the thread”.

ETA: @Scifi, you are right that the OP has been “hidden” again. I hadn’t seen that this morning, but I suspect that’s from new users to the topic who didn’t realize it was flagged yesterday and cleared by mods.


This is a comment about the topic of your post @papyrophilia, it is not directed at you …

Comments that are hidden can still be read, so it isn’t a big deal. Posts are hidden by automated bots when flags are thrown – and it only takes a very few flags to hide a post. There is no conspiracy as some seem to think.

If people want to read a flagged post they can – in fact, I suspect flagged posts get read more frequently than the average non-flagged post.

I flag posts. I do it for four reasons:

  • verbal abuse of people or groups either inside or outside of the forum
  • racist or sexist comments
  • overtly incorrect information that seems to have been posted to mislead
  • political commentary


No worries! I’m just out of “likes” for 33 more minutes. :laughing:


I beg to differ, this post was edited and re-posted by a mod, and when posters started asking how that was done, only then did the mod claim “transparency” and posted they did it.

Point was they can and do, and we wouldn’t know.


But it does rankle that after years of effort to take the meanness out of the forum, for which I was attacked relentlessly from 2013-15, that I and others now are being criticized for not being “nice enough”. The OP joined in 2016. He has absolutely no idea what this forum used to be like and how much work has gone into making it the place it is today. He judges without knowing the history.

This forum is populated by SMURFS compared to five years ago.


Sadly, I don’t think the OP is alone in that.

However, to OP’s particular credit, they have both apologized for the language used here originally and put some helpful actions behind their words.

Maybe the conversation here–and I mean true conversation, not “confrontation” or "airing of grievances"1–has helped foster some insight that can benefit the Forum.

1It ain’t Festivus, y’all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, they can and probably do and we would never know. Some people (such as myself) think this is unfair to allow anyone other Amazon employees these kinds of moderation privileges.



This badge is granted when you reach trust level 4. You’re a leader in this community as selected by staff, and you set a positive example for the rest of the community in your actions and words here. You have the ability to edit all posts, take common topic moderator actions such as pin, close, unlist, archive, split, and merge.


I cannot believe that the moderators have not closed again this thread.

But soon the top brass will figure out why Amazon sales are very low today.
Oh, most sellers are on the forum. I mean we didn’t care their fighting between themselves. But by now it had effected overall Amazon’s sales.
Okay. Lock it up, so they will go back to selling. …


Im pretty sure it was a joke. :laughing:


Hello Sellers,

The issues mentioned in the original post, and the overall tone of the forums is something the Moderators are committed to improving through increased guideline enforcement actions. We appreciate those of you who have let us know you are seeing improvements, and we are committed to bringing a more watchful eye to inappropriate comments and violations of Forum Guidelines. Some common themes we see and will be, and have been reacting to include:

  • Insults of other individuals or groups.
  • Name calling.
  • Posts that are created as rants, in which there is no ask for assistance or discussion.
  • Replies that are not helpful or relevant to the discussion.
  • Publicly questioning if a seller is telling the truth or not. If you suspect someone is purposely being misleading, flag the post or reach out to the moderators to look into it.
  • Back and forth personal arguments between two or more individuals that derail the thread and/or take it off-topic.
  • Political commentary that is disruptive or off-topic.

Moderators will continue to increase enforcement activities going forward. Posts will be removed and warnings given. Repeated or outsize guideline violations may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the forums. We will moderate to maintain order and civility. We want a calm community environment and a safe place where you can support each other, share your experiences, and help new sellers.

Thank you,
Forums Moderators

Edit: From time to time the moderator’s will mark their own response as the “Solution” just so that everyone can see it and it does not get lost within any additional replies. This is something we don’t do very often, and usually write a note making that clear. My apologies for not adding the note right away.