Attitude In Seller Forums


Dam. I cannot believe I came out of bed for this…
See, I have no smart devices. My computers is in my home office down the hallway the other end of the house…


Lolz, sweet dreams.


I agree that expletives such as BS are not helpful and don’t help anyone understand anything better. It’s basically an insult and spiteful content if this kind of fill word is used in a post. It’s better to just say what we have to say.

I have more respect for those who can criticize constructively without the crutch of using expletives to fill in their sentences. And besides these kinds of expletives in posts might be considered against forum guidelines.


but it’s very likely that after that attack from you, he just gave up.

I didn’t attack him, which I already explained in my last response to you. For what it’s worth, I have no sympathy for that seller now. He showed no signs of being sincere and wanting to understand what a POA would actually take. He just seemed to be looking for shortcuts, and I can’t help someone like that.

BTW: “BS” doesn’t help anyone understand anything better than without “BS”.

I don’t understand this statement.


Is that how you interpreted my words? I never said his post was BS, I said the POA he was trying to use was BS.


Thank you for the post. It’s a much needed reminder. I guess I set my expectation really how. I never expect most people’s posts or responses to be helpful, but as long as I can find useful tips, I am grateful to those who lend a helping hand. You have to filter out a lot of noise though.


There wasn’t any sympathy in the first place. You ripped into him full force.


There wasn’t any sympathy in the first place. You ripped into him full force

Do you remember what I said above about how people (including posters like myself, and including Amazon and their reinstatement team) can deduce the facts from various things you say, and how you say them?

That poster said, without saying it, I’m not serious about this, I don’t care, I just want to take shortcuts, and I don’t want to learn to do things right.

Maybe you didn’t see that, but he wasn’t being sincere about trying to get his account back. That doesn’t elicit sympathy from people who do see it.


My point is that it’s better to explain what you mean than to ever use an expletive word to describe anything whether it’s about someone’s post or their Plan of Action. Expletives are just fill words that mean nothing and basically are insultive and spiteful.

noun: expletive ; plural noun: expletives

  1. an oath or swear word.
    (of a word or phrase) serving to fill out a sentence or line of verse.


So what, if he/she/they are insincere? You don’t have to go on the attack. Better yet, why waste your precious time at all? Surely, you can direct your energy to truly helping those that you feel “know” are sincere and want to be helped.

My original post here was not aimed at you, just in general how some rip into and insult at the first sign of weakness or confusion they see or smell.


That is an individual’s choice. Just because someone does not have the energy or willpower to put up a fight, does not mean they get to control someone else’s decisions.




Um, isn’t that what you’re doing right now? This is a pretty smirky message. Just saying.


It was geting so bad I actually started a thread on it.


Well congratulations are in order for all the likes you have received.
I do wish some of the people who gave you likes would also contribute to the making of the Forum a nicer place without “ripping their head off”.
I always wonder why so many Forum Members are signed up but do not put helpful posts in threads?
we can have discussion and we can agree to disagree and we can do it nicely or spitefully.
What I have already seen in this thread is opinion being stated as fact, lack of tact by some posters and it reminds me of FunkyMonkey before the second perma-ban happened.
What is one persons garbage is another persons treasure.
So these threads have a lot of treasure, more then garbage IMO, and the trick is to winnow out the gold from the brass.
If we want a solution we need to be the solution or we are part of the problem.
I do think some of the posters who I have not seen post, yet they have been around for years, are not being part of the solution.
We need to model what we want others to emulate.
I totally agree that some threads are just a waste of time and posters are not doing the work, due diligence, to be a seller on Amazon yet expect some magic beans or dust to be given them by opening a thread.
Others are confused and need direction.
Sometimes the attitude one uses is not what one thinks they are using. IOW, how an idea is presented is more than half the battle.
So I truly hope that some of the seasoned sellers come out of the cellar and start to pick up some of the slack on threads.
It is too easy to cast stones however only those without sin themselves should do so, I read once.
All we need is love
Love is all we need


How do you know this? That’s pure speculation.
I can just as easily speculate that an online forum allows people to act naturally, whereupon during face to face communication, people are putting on a facade.

And, I think you mean the anonymity of an ‘online forum’.
I doubt a computer keyboard is the culprit.


No shortage of shills either.


I have been selling since 2004. The forums have been so helpful to me. There are people here who have saved my little business more than once. I realize there are some who are rude, some who respond when they should not, and of course there are people who like to play games. But when you come here with a problem most likely someone will give you the advice you need. As for Amazon not paying attention to the forums, that’s not correct. I have had personal responses from Amazon regarding questions I’ve asked on these forums.


People who follow “zero sum” thinking can be bullies and that type of thinking is prevalent in America.

Remember that robot that traveled across Canada and another country (if i’m not mistaken) in one piece and was completely destroyed shortly after entering the USA, bit of a sign.

I will say the Amazon forum crowd has been quite helpful in my experience, with the occasional rudeness being called out… perhaps I haven’t been to the dark side of this forum yet :joy:


Agree completely. Amazon is not perfect and I don’t think anyone claims or expects them to be but they aren’t some evil machine out to get you and treat you unfairly.

Agree, the forums provide great insight into the kinds of problems people are having and a check to confirm I’m not doing something wrong or something I should be doing, etc… The fact that Amazon is always changing is what keeps me coming back to the forum to keeping learning. And this: