Attitude In Seller Forums


You guys are still here? :sweat_smile:

Just kidding, much respect and love for all you who participated in this post. I will be choosing a solution to this post later tonight.

Again, I apologize about my initial approach and I want to thank all those who helped me realize that I also need to contribute more to the community.

It goes without saying that there a lot of good to the forum. As long as this post did for others as it did for me. I’m sure the community is a much better place.

Again, thank all of you wonderful sellers. May 2020 bring all of you growth, great health and an abundance to all of you.


Unfortunately, many use forums like these for entertainment, which can include antagonizing people purposely, aka, “trolling”.


Reason most ppl are crabby in here is because Amazon is making life really crappy for sellers and it’s getting worst each day.


Thought the same thing :blush: Glad not the only one. Do have respect for BookwormApril tho. She’s very helpful.


In honesty, I believe that people are far meaner online than in person. They hide behind their keyboards and let loose. The crap I read online is so much worse than stuff I hear in person.

You can’t even debate or reason on here…but that’s everywhere online. Not sure why I personally participate to be honest, like the news, sometimes I’m just a happier person by completely avoiding it.


The flagging system is abused too…I see nothing in this post that deserved a flag and yet flagged it is, I had to click view hidden content to see it expecting something vile or vitrol, but it was just someone stating an opinion…


It seems like the original post by FunkyJunk was removed because it mentioned support of a banned poster by name. Apparently we aren’t supposed to mention banned posters by their posting names. The post was flagged by the community. I didn’t see anything wrong with the original post or the post saying the post was banned (deleted). But that’s what happens here unfortunately.


Of course!

choo-choo :train: :train: :train: :train: :train: :train: :train: :train: :train: choo-choo

The longer the train, the more spectacular the wreck, when and if it goes completely off the rails! :sunglasses:

Honestly, the thread is giving some a chance to vent, which is always healthy.


Wanna start a Fundraiser, to supply punchbags for those that feel the urge to rip into something?


If we purchased punchbags and distributed to those in most need, they would likely put them up for sale here or on the bay and stay behind their screens, rather than risk some physical exercise! :running_man::running_woman:

On that note, going out for a late morning run!


Haha, that is true!

Enjoy the run, take care of your knees. :slight_smile:


if we sold the bags here, over 50% would get returned for false reasons. 25% of them would be lost by Amazon. The other 25% would sell but then recieve a poor review from the buyers who dont understand what a punching bag does. There yah go


What you do “with” a punching bag. :grinning:

Just let them know, that it’s instead of a human being. :grin:


WE think there might be a fine line betwixt trolling and being painfully obvious.

Our impression is that you can present a politely written response/solution/answer, at which point the letter gets pulled apart from the edges by commenters… fraying into the sentences and blurring the points made, and ultimately find that discussion has circumvented the original meaning …

However, a clear concise whatsamatterwityou statement has a lasting effect and is not as easily tattered by tangentially off-topic leanings.

You can flatter and opine daintily while attempting to conjur the quorum into least-common-denominator consensus…
We however prefer the proverbial 2x4 to the face as a more suitable stimulator of thought…


Not that you would ever do that…correct? And who pray-tell is “we”?

Got a smile out of your opine — hope that doesn’t label me an aficionado of 2x4s


that would be the Imperial We, of course.

only due to distance, only due to distance…


You can tell someone that what they are doing is incorrect without ripping their head off.

Yes and ripping someone’s head off is generally unnecessary.

I created the most widely used “Used as New Thread”.

One of the reasons I stopped helping is too many sellers would message me asking for help after reading the thread and not doing everything I asked.

There are far too many people not up to the task of selling here.

Some of them get offended way too easily. I have personally helped dozens and dozens of sellers resolve problems and I would get attitude regularly from people.

There is no clear standard on how to deal with these issues. No one will always be happy.


I don’t want to change the forums. I was simply making an observation on how it appears to me. I don’t come here for advice. I certainly wouldn’t take any from you. And the irony is that people come here for help and often get abuse instead.


Totally agree


Hey! Who is your running mate?